Nac 72 boards

I have a Nac 72 (internal image attached) I also have all the boards but have taken out the first four in the image.

Can someone please explain what the first two boards spaces at the back of the unit as in image shown are for?

I know boards three and four are for the phono/rca inputs but not sure what the first two boards do.

Also I want to use an external phono stage with my Nac 72 Pre, what would be the best board configuration to use with an external phono stage using the phono/rca inputs.

I used to know all this information when I was 13/14 yo but can’t remember now.

Thank you for any advice and information in advance.

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The boards that go in the bottom right hand corner are two NA324 (buffer) boards. It’s a long time since i had a 72 but i think these were the tape output buffers so if you didn’t use a tape player for recording, you could pull them out.

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James is correct - the missing boards next to blue flexi strip are the 324 tape output buffers.

If you don’t use the tape output - leave them out.

If you are using an external phono stage, use the BNC inputs with the straight through (326) cards fitted. Obviously, you can move those to i/p 1 if you wish.



If you don’t have NA326 boards or can’t get hold of a set the you can also make do with a set of jumper cables. Your Naim dealer may well be able to oblige you here.

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Naim tech very kindly sent me a reply with an explanation and a photoshopped image showing the position and use of each board.

I was surprised that there wasn’t any reference images already on the internet along the lines of this image.

Re-posting the photoshopped image for members future reference.


All else aside, what a little work of art these things are. A beauty to behold.


I think 324 boards, even when not used for a Tape return, are part of the nac72 personality :notes::blush:


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