NAC 72 Motherboard Difference

My current 72 motherboard is green and has gold tracks going to the cards but my previous 72 and many others seem to have a green film ontop of the gold to make the tracks look green.
Is there a difference?

Yes, there were differences with NAC72s - the first ones had provision for two sets of interchangeable phono input cards, later ones, just a single set, with a fixed CD input.


A second pair of cards can also be installed at the CD input. Anyway, the DIN socket makes it a bit difficult to connect a turntable.


In 1991, the second set of BNC inputs was changed to an additional DIN socket, now labelled CD to coincide with the release of Naim’s first CD player, the CDS. Around this time the daughter boards for phono and CD were no longer supplied as standard, instead replaced by links on the main board. Daughter boards could still be used on these inputs but the links had to be cut first to allow this.


I have owned two samples of the 72. My first was a 1990 unit, which had 2 sets of BNC inputs (with K and V boards installed). This one I sold on. More recently I bought a 1995 one, which has just one set of BNC’s (for Phono boards) and the DIN CD input.


I remember well how I got my first 72 (with 2 x BNC and a NA328 on the second port). The dealer was about to close and the staff sold everything cheaply that wasn’t nailed down. That’s how I, as a poor student, got 72, Hicap, 140 and Nat02 for a fraction of the price. That was in 1989 or 1990. However, I don’t know if the salesmen were lining their own pockets back then.

Why are some tracks to the boards gold and some green?

No idea. Different batches perhaps? Possibly a different supplier?

Thanks Richard.

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