Nac 82 better than Nac 282

I have been listening to the 282 for about a week and has been enjoying it even though I find it a bit to forward. If played loud. Anyho, yesterday I changed it to the 82 and immediatelly found the combination with the 82 more natural as in sounds felt more realistic. More resolved as in having a more nuanced sound in all parts. Especially noticeble in voices. They sound so alive with the 82. Also really obviuos in the bass. It´s like I wrote in another thread. The 282 doesn´t sound as transparent, visceral and nuanced as the 82. Music really comes to life with the 82 compared to the 282. It´s quite impressive actually.

Do you share these finding?

How would you describe the difference between 82 and 282?

How would you describe the difference between a unserviced 282 and a serviced one?

I don´t have any info on their service history so one could be serviced and one not, I have no idea.

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strange, which power supply are you using? What about the rest of the system

When I called Naim to ask whether 82 was the equal of the 282, they told me 282 was definitely the better preamp.

Napsc2, Hicap dr, NDX, NAP 250dr, Spendor D9.

I’ve done a few comparisons at HQ back in the early days of the 282. Definitely an improvement on the NAC82 (great though that preamp undoubtedly was and still is). Naim rarely if ever get these things wrong. Of course you may just have one of those unicorn great examples of a preamp in the 82 or else the 282 is below par.

Well they would wouldn’t they, not being cynical just they would. Maybe its romance or something but i find the new stuff a bit brighter and cleaner sounding

if not a unicorn and the 282, being as it is 2006, possibly in need of a service, would that (a service) bring it to a level above the 82?

Richard could you, with your immense experience, please elaborate on what a sub par (not serviced) 282 might sound like. Do you reckon the lack of nuance and openness, I am refering to, is typical signs of the need for a service?

Funny thing is I notice the kinship to the 202 with this ”not-so-open-sound”. However that might be because of the inherent lack of resolve in the 202 compared to the 282


Naim should be progressing by replacing the NAC 82 with the NAC 282. It would be peculiar if it’s the other way round.

I’m not much good at describing these things, particularly after almost 18 years. However, a NAC282 should not sound so much like a 202. It should be more detailed and with a greater sense of closeness to the spirit of the performance.

It is and it does. It´s closer to the 82 than it is to the 202. However it´s showing similarities in sound signature. I attributed it to the fact that they are from the same line up. Thanks for your view though.

Maybe someone with more recent insight will chime in.

Occasionally, even Naim get it wrong, e.g. with the NAP250.2 but then roared back on to excellent form with the NAP250DR.

With the best will in the world though, a recently serviced NAC82 shouldn’t outperform a recently serviced NAC282. Yes, we have a NAC82/Supercap in the family.

For @Lucifer though, I suspect that the 282 needs a service to bring it back on song. The NAC82 will continue to sound wonderful and the NAC282 will then sound a little more wonderful!

Best regards, BF


I’ll send it to Darran then. Exciting!

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Oh well the black series is more neutral sounding than the olive, apparently.

I don’t think any company can claim that just because it’s the latest everyone will think it is better. Not a single company has ever managed to do that. That being said, it might not be more complicated than that you prefer the sound of the 82 prior to the 282. I tend to prefer the Supernait 2 over Supernait 3 and even if everyone would claim the SN3 is the latest and should be best I don’t care really. I have my own theory that Alan Shaw (Harbeth) as I understand shares with me in that many companies try to bring out more and more for each generation to get the instant purchase decision made when demoing. However that might be the best sounding when listening for 30 minutes in store but not when listening 7 hours at home.

In terms of service history I’ve been told you can email Naim and get information on that.


Just for fun. Changed the napsc2 to napsc. Initially it does not sound as good as the napsc2. Quite an obvious difference. If it changes with warm up I’ll get back to you.

Do you also have the Nac 282? How would you describe the differences between the two?

Soundstage is deaper more layered with 282. Instruments and vocals sound more natural with 82. The 82 feels faster and cleaner. There is more ”bite” with the 82. It´s easier to follow the rythms and the sound is snappier and more physical (you feel the notes in your body). The 282 feels slower and softer. Even though it feels softer, vocals can cut through too hard and intense in soprano voices. 282 gives more room info if it´s a ”live” recording. The 82 delivers more immediate drama. Both sound really good though and quite a bit better than 202/200. It´s kind of unfair to compare to the 202 since the amplifier is a different one as well.

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