Nac 82 connections to Nap 180

Hi. I tried to directly connected from Nac 82 to Nap 180 through the tutorial of naim. Right now, I don’t have Hicap, and the system is not able to play any sound. Would you guys please tell me the problems and how to fix it? Thank you so much.

Do you have both plugs in place, one single plastic and one dual plastic plugs?

Under neath those you then need the napsc plugged in as well as the 180 connection.

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the connection system is connected as follows: The snaic 4-4 cable, the leftmost cable directly connects to nap 180, and the rightmost cable is connected to the naim 2 rca to 5 din cable. DAC Yggdrasill to nac 82.
Thank you so much.

You seem to be missing the link plug for Upgrade 1.


Yup. As it is, it wants a HiCap…!!!

Could you please explain it more specifically, like how to upgrade it to “Upgrade 1”? I’m new to this, so I’m mostly very clueless.

Hi. Usually, when directly connect from Nac 82 to Nap 180, is it possible to play sound without Hicap?
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As Richard and Bruss have said you need both link plugs in when just using the 180. It’ll work fine this way without the Hicap.

You are missing one in the Link 1 socket


Can you tell the name and the image of the missing one, so I know what it is, so that I can buy it?
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If you speak to a Naim dealer and tell them it’s the round DIN5 Link plug for a NAC82 preamp then they should be able to sort you out.

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Okey, Let me order the DIN5 Link plug for nac 82 the socket while I shop for Hicap later.
thank you all

I believe it’s one of these:

James, do you concur?

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Yep :+1:

Cool. Hopefully Richard will let the link remain on this occasion.

Erm… close. Not for a 32 - only a 32-5 - and for a 42-5. Otherwise OK… :slightly_smiling_face:

Good point; somebody better tell Tom Tom.

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No commercial links in the Hifi Corner please. Thanks.

No need for the words “As it is” !

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