NAC 82 double link plugs

In the context of plugging a naim NAC 82 double link plugs, I’ve noticed the following comment: “Whatever you do, don’t plug in a 5 pin link plug into the 2nd PSU socket…”
Since the topic was already closed, what could be the risk of plugging the 2nd one as well?


The two link plugs (a small round 5 pin one and 4 pin paddle shaped one) are used to allow different power supply options with the 82. Power from a power amp with a built in preamp supply (both link plugs in), single Hicap (PS1 / link 1 removed), dual Hicaps (or Supercap) both link plugs removed.

The paddle like link plug that fits into link2, covers the PS2 DIN5 socket which is designed to take a power feed from a Hicap via a SNAIC5. It’s only used when you add a second Hicap (or dual SNAIC5 feeds from a Supercap)

That socket is not designed to take a link plug (unlike the PS1 socket) hence the comment.

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My guess - you will short out things which could prove expensive.

Don’t try it… The 82 is too good to ruin.


Yeah, it seems so :slight_smile:
the question is if it has been done in the past, how could I find it out, keeping in mind that I’ve bought a second hand one. Will it stop working at all or should I expect disruption only if using it with 2 hicaps/flatcaps?

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If the NAC82 has been damaged then you would know pretty quickly (poor or even no sound) whatever the PS configuration.


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