NAC 82 - fitting phono boards

I have just purchased an NAC 82. I need to fit my 522 boards to it. Just want to confirm I need to cut the silver links in the picture below before fitting the boards?

Thanks in advance.

Weta, any links would be the ones under the boards themselves - AFAIK, you should not cut the links that sit under in line with the signal cables that run to the BNC sockets (the ones you have highlighted above), so yours is probably an earlier unit.

Ok thanks @Richard.Dane,
I have BNCs on the turntable, so it sounds like I can just plug in the cards and go?

Looks like it. I can’t see any additional links under where the boards fit.

You might want to get the BNC sockets replaced and the cable re-soldered. They (and the soldering) look like they’ve seen better days.

I plugged the 552s in sounds fantastic, big step up from the 102 in general.
Thanks all.

I bet the 552 sounds better than the 102 indeed!

Sorry @Ardbeg10y my typo,
I put 522 MM Turntable boards into my (new) 2nd hand NAC 82.
Not got a 552. I wish I did !

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