NAC 82 + Headline - mono sound

Hello everybody,

I am desperate. I upgraded my system to a nac82/nap180 (coming from a nait3) and now my headline does not work properly. There is sound on the right Chanel and no sound on the left. What am I doing wrong?
Help or advice much appreciated!
Thanks !

There’s a recent thread ‘Naim NAC 82 help’ which may have some ideas.

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I will have a look. Thanks.

I have the same problem with my 52. One of the tape output buffers has packed up so I only get one channel regardless of which output I choose. Not saying it’s the same as your problem but if you can’t find the problem with cables/headline/headphones then it might be that, and In that case, dealer to sort.

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Have you tried all the DIN IN/OUTs (4,5,6)?

Also check the DIN plug on the Headline in case of a broken solder joint.

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Hi Richards,
Yes, I tried all three DIN IN/OUT and the cables.

I offer no original thought but when my 82 gave one channel only for no obvious reason, previous posters had suggested pressing the mono button a few times to see that worked. It did.

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Hello everybody,

I would like to inform you that the headline was not working properly. It is as simple as that. I am shocked that Naim gear can break :wink:

I would like to thank everybody who answered to my request. Much appreciated!

Best regards

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All electronic components have a “lifetime” before failure. Usually many years, sometimes not. shrugs

I presume your Headline is now fixed?

It is still at the Naim Service. They told me it will take 4-6 weeks.

If it’s an original Headline then any adverse stress on the “floating” volume pot can, after many years use, eventually cause a failure in the solder joint of one of the legs. This is one area where Naim made a big improvement with the Headline 2.

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Thank you, Richard.Dane! It the the headline 2 (not the olive series)

I am using Naim gear which is 27 years old and it still works fine.

I have also big faith in the Naim service and looking forward getting my headline back.

Did you check the wiring inside the DIN plug?

No, I didn’t.

Should I do so before plugging the Headline in again?

It’s worth doing just to see if there’s a wiring issue inside, perhaps a break in the solder to one of the pins?

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