Nac 82 not working

When I power up my nac 82 through a non-Naim power supply only the volume and balance knobs light up, all the lights flash up for a second when I switch off.

Any have any ideas what may be wrong ?

Jay, please note forum rules regarding discussion of unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment, which includes discussion of non-Naim power supplies and associated cabling.

That said, make sure you have the NAPSC connected and powered up and if only using a single supply, ensure the other link plug is fitted to the NAC82.

Yes, you’re not using the proper supplies…

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OK sorry about that. I have replaced the NAPSC and the link plug problem is the same.

What power amp are you using if it’s Naim and not a NAP250 or higher have you tried the 82 powered from the amp.

Has it worked previously? Or is it new to you?

The power amp is a NAC 180. I have owned the system from new about 30 years.
But its been in storage for about 15 years.

OK, so at least you know it’s not been messed with :smiley:

Do you have a multimeter handy to check the voltage on the NAPSC? On My 82 the lights are lit and buttons work with just the NAPSC connected.

Jay, first run the NAC82+NAPSC and NAP180 together without any separate dedicated supply (apart from the NAPSC, of course, which you’ll need whatever). You’ll need both link plugs fitted to the back of the NAC82 to do this, as well as the SNAIC4 between NAC82 and NAP180. Is all OK when run like this?

OK Tried that both link plugs in NAPSC voltage ok and connected SNAIC4 connected
Same problem

I’m a little confused as to what’s connected…
So the napsa is plugged in to the 82 and lights etc are working…so all as it should be…
But you have got the correct cable to connect your 180 to the 82 …as this provides the actual power to its amplifier circuits and makes it play…yes?

Good point. Are the cables genuine Naim I wonder?

Easy to check - the SNAIC should have the Naim logo printed on it - see the FAQ here:

All cables are genuine . Still don’t work

Time to get in touch with your dealer.


Are you sure you have the correct connections and link plugs in place?
If you are just using the NAPSC and running the 82 powered by the 180, it should be like this:

If you’re using the Hicap (or whatever it is) it should be like this:

In this case, the power amp is then connected to the output on the Hicap, not directly to the 82.

Yes it is connected right. I have concluded that it would be best to get it serviced hving been in store for 10 years

It’s very possible a cap or something has leaked or gone bad in a 10 year sleep…
It happens …but a service will work wonders…

With the age of the preamp I’d say it’s well worth getting it serviced regardless. Maybe have the leads checked out at the same time. It costs a bit, but you then get it back working in ‘as-new’ condition. The same applies to power amps.