NAC 82 phono card

Hi folks - I have a pair of NA523/1 MC boards in my NAC 82 as pic image|375x500 The manual lists three 523 types E, S, and K but no reference to the /1 suffix. Can any one advise of these I have or the input values for the board? I have been using an Ortofon Rohmann MC cartridge but the stylus is becoming worn and will need an exchange.

I am having difficulty finding 522 MM cards, so I am considering using a phono preamp to avoid the need for changing cards as I have some MM cartridges I would like to run up while I sort the Rohmann.

Can anyone advise if I remove the 523 boards would the phono input be usable and if so would it have Standard line input levels 75mV/100ohms?

Any thought gratefully received.

Those are NA523S boards - the 470ohm resistor gives it away. The /1 is the issue number, so these would have been the first series of this type.

You can replace the NA523S boards with NA522 MM boards. You could also turn it into a line level input by fitting NA526 link boards.

Thanks Richard, they are the low output MC design, they produced a fine sound with the Ortofon.

I will look around for some NA526 link boards, are they still made? If not I will look for second hand examples.

I again appreciate your prompt and expert assistance.

One option that looks interesting is to buy a Stageline N with a Flatcap or Hicap power source for MM cartridges and connect it’s output into one of the 5pin DIN inputs on my NAC82, thus leaving the NA523S boards in place to run my MC cartridges. They will both have BNC connectors to connect to my Ekos arm cables enabling quick changes and good connections. Any thoughts on that?

Yes, a Stageline N is an option, but much costlier of course. If it were me though I’d probably want them the other way around - NA522 MM boards inside and a Stageline MC with PSU for MC carts.

I’d hold out for some NA522 cards. There are usually some around, you just need to wait a little bit. Have you tried contacting all the usual dealers?

Thanks Richard, I have used your locator tool to find my nearest Naim dealer, and will look around the second hand dealers. I am a returning hifi nut after a number of years where commitments just didn’t permit me the time to stay engaged, and my original dealers are no longer trading, hence the fairly basic questions on my old but much loved kit so your assistance is much appreciated.

May I ask why you would prefer the 522 MM boards onboard the NAC82 with MC boards running in a Stageline phono preamp?

The boards look fairly straight forward to swap with the single white plastic retainer to deal with other than the connector sockets, just wondered why?

mainly because an MC might benefit from the additional separation of the Stageline, as well as the additional benefit of the Hicap). However, if you really want to take things up a gear (or three) with MC then consider a Prefix instead, or better still, a Superline.

Thanks Richard, I aren’t really familiar with these products but will look them up ready for Xmas when asked what I might want…

May I ask, if I source a Stageline N now, will that have the NA522 boards in it In the same format that are capable of simply swapping with the NA523 boards in my NAC82?

Thanks for your patience and advice, much appreciated.

No, the Stageline circuit is based on the interchangeable boards, but everything is based on one board, so you can’t open up a Stageline and take out a pair of boards.

Thanks Richard - I will seek out a pair of NA522 boards and fit them to the NAC82. I will Then give some more thought to the MC preamp options in light of your suggestion. Much appreciated as always.

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