Nac 82 remote control

Hello all,
Can anyone tell me which Naim remote controls will work with a Nac82?
The reason for the question is I’m considering buying an 82 which doesn’t have a working remote and I’m hoping to source an alternative.

Pretty much any Narcom should be fine. You can also use a Flash, R-com or i-com.

My CDX2 remote has no problem controlling my 82… :hushed:

Thank you guys, that’s helpful.
I think Narcom 2 or 3 was relevant to the 82. There is a Narcom 5 for sale at a hefty £79.00!
The seller didn’t think it would operate an 82.

The Narcom 5 works an 82 just fine.

Yup, a Narcom 5 will work just fine.

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