Nac 82 to Nap 110

I recently got my first set of Vintage naim gear 32/ 110/ snaps and have been just amazed how good it sounds. I decided to go all in and I purchased a Nac 82. My plan is to get a hicap or 2 and a nap 250. In the meantime can my current Nap 110 run the preamp ? Also as a side note can I use a classic series hicap or a Hicap Dr instead of an olive ?

Yes, the 110 will power the 82 quite happily. Note that you need a Napsc, which should have come with the 82.

You then add the Hicap, connected between the 82 and the 110, and finally swap the 110 for a 250.

Any Hicap will work, though it’s nice to have an olive one, as it looks best with an 82 and the two were designed to work together.



Enjoy… Love my 82…!!

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Awesome that is good news . Thanks for the responses. So I will not need the 5pin plug? It did come with the 4pin paddle and the napsc .

If powering from the 110 you will need a 5 pin link plug in the link 1 socket, top left when you look at the 82 from the back. It won’t work without the link plug.

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You will need a 4-pin Snaic cable to go between 110 and 82.
If memory serve a 5-pin blanking plug if running without Hicap - Napsc is mandatory with 82, maybe look in owners manual to verify what I wrote.
Hicaps comes with Snaic 5.

Don’t under-estimate the naked 32/110 if its recently serviced (could be 30-35 years old) I’ve had a 32 which was converted by Naim to 32.5. But also used a 32 with Snaps and 110 or was it 160, maybe both, its legendary kit - something stupid to resell back then I blame myself.

Yes. You will need the 5 pin Blanking/Shorting plug. Unless you have a HiCap or similar.

If you are seriously contemplating a long term strategy of running two Hicaps into your 82 (funds permitting, obviously), then you might like to consider an Olive Supercap. You can pick one up (from the usual sources) for not much more than the cost of two Olive HCs.

There have been many threads about the relative merits of 1xHC vs. 2xHC vs. SC.

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If fact, to run from a 110 the OP will need both the large “paddle” plug and the small round plug:


Both should be provided with the 82. If not, then those fine chaps in St. Albans will do a mail order.

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I have ordered the plug from the nice guys at AV options. Chris also informed me that in the meantime the snaps can run the 82 in place of the 32. So that will be a fun comparison.

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Does the SNAPS have two secondary rails?

From Chris West
" The SNAPS has single rail 24V outputs on sockets labeled #2 and #3, and those have the same pin configurations as the 110"

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