Nac 92 0r integrated amp Naim nait 3?

Dear People,

I am completly lost now…Some time ago I bought a vintage naim Olive set. A Naim Nait 3 with a cd3-5 and a Flatcap. I plays very wel. But now it is turned out that the Naim Nait is probably ! a Nait 3 converted to a NAC 92. And this is getting me confused because I then in my rather simple mind think it wil not play without a seperate power amplifier?

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Luckily it looks like your NAIT 3 has had all three DINs fitted so you can still use it as a plain NAIT by fitting a 5 pin link plug in the DIN5 socket and connecting the DIN4 sockets with a SNAIC4.

Better still, you could run it with the pre-amp stage powered by the Flatcap (as it appears to be set up in your photo) which should be a nice performance uplift.


So the connections seen on the photo are correct anyway?and is it configured as a naim integrated powered by the flatcap?but if it acts as a pre without an aditionel power amp then in my mind it will not play. And it does in the setting shown on the photo.

to a first approximation (not be able to see all of the cables) the answer is “yes”. my guess is that there is a SNAIC5 from NAIT to Flatcap (so the FC powers the “92” stage - aka the preamp), and then there is a SNAIC4 from the FC to the left most socket on the NAIT, which feeds the signal to the “90” stage - aka the power amp. The power amp will use the NAITs internal mains supply.

So you have the most flexible of NAIT3s imaginable - now just tell us that it’s got a remote control as well, and the world will be beating down your front door to get their sticky mitts on it :smiley: with me first in the queue LOL

It has a remote…now its more clear, and you will probably get my confusion.

Your CD3.5 can also be used with a flatcap (but not the same one as is powering the NAIT3(“92”)).

You could pick up another olive FC for around £150 (ish), and would give a modest but nice uplift to the 3.5.

Thx for the tip. But first I wil try to get a Nap 200.

Alternatively an 82 run into the ‘90’ part of the Nait is likely a better option than using the ‘92’ into a 200. Partly depends how easy your speakers are to drive… The FC isn’t the ideal PS for an 82 it but should work.

You could then look at getting a 140 or 180 for a nice all-olive setup with a Hicap to follow and a 250 if you really want to give the speakers a treat.

Now I’m confused.

If you want it to run as a pre-amp you’ll need at least a power amp, otherwise you’ll get no sound.

You can run it straight from the pre-amp supply built into a suitable power amp such as a NAP90, 110, 120, 140, 150, 160, 180, or 200, however you’ll need to have the 5 pin link plug fitted in the pre-amp.

Alternatively you can run it from a dedicated power supply, such as a Flatcap, Hicap or Supercap, just as you have it connected above, either using the internal amp of the NAIT or an external amp, such as one of the ones I listed above - only difference would be instead of the SNAIC4 taking signal from the Flatcap back into the NAIT 3, as you have in the pic above, you would it take signal from the flatcap to the power amp. You could also unplug the NAIT 3 from the mains then, as then direct mains power is longer needed.

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As even a wellrespected naimie like you is confused ( why) what about the normal custumer :smiley:.

I was confused by your statement - i.e. acting as a pre without an additional power amp. Anyway, hopefully I’ve covered it for you in my post above.


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