NAC A5 for Nait 50

Greetings. I was perusing the Nait 50s manual and saw that Naim recommends NAC A5 cables and warns the user that not doing so may result in damage to the amplifier. They also recommend using the amplifier with the Standby switch set to instant on for best sound quality.
I’m currently using QED XT40i cables
Really appreciate your opinions on this.

On the back of my Nait50 there was a cable warning label.

I purchased the NAC A5.

I’d stick the QED cable on Fleabay, or similar, and buy NACA5 (which can itself often be found on that auction site, although it’s not fearsomely expensive to buy new).


Linn K20 works well and is cost effective. No idea how it compares to the QED cable though. I find it more engaging than NACA5, although it doesn’t do some of the hi-fi stuff as well.

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There’s a whole thread with a lot of useful info (including cables, standby etc) here -

Should keep you going for a few hours :slightly_smiling_face:

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The new generation amps line Nait50 is not sensitive to the choice of speaker cables or their length as older generations. Cables will sound different though and the amp will perform better with some but you can happily use what you have if you like.

I think they should have put recommended instead of warning. Many will hesitate to even get going when they bought their new products which is a bad start of their naim experience.

But there must be a reason why they don’t recommend under 2 meters, even if convenience seem to be the most important thing these days :wink:

“Unlike some earlier Naim designs, we do not mandate a minimum speaker cable length, but would still suggest you avoid sub-2m lengths.”

Per 110dB comments the new designs are stable to at least 1m but perform better when longer. I think it’s time for Naim to move away from “warning” and focus on “recommended” for best performance. They don’t explode if not using NACA5 which is how you can interpret the warnings :slight_smile: A warning is IMO a very strong word to be used only when there are reasons for it which I have not seen on NC/Nait 50.

But it is indeed strange that they claim using other speaker bananas is bad and in need of a WARNING. Does it say why in the manual? Mechanical stress? Which is bit funny since the only cable I’ve been afraid breaking my hardware has been NACA5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Before it was 3,5 m minimum length,but best sound over 5m,many prefer 10 m…


Yupp and if I remember correct it is still relevant with length/performance in the new design per Steves recommendation minus the 3.5m minimum requirement from the past which now is a minimum 2m suggestion. There is a sweet spot where the amp is not acting to nervous (short) or to lean (long). As we say in Sweden “Lagom är bäst” :grin:

The nait50 manual says “For optimum performance, use Naim NAC A5 speaker cable.”

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Internally, the sockets are connected via wire rather than directly soldered to the board. In other designs, the sa8 plugs were advised as they reduce stress on the board - not a concern here.

For the record, I’m not using the sa8 plugs or Naim cable. 2m stereo pair.
And “instant on” is off.

However I’m not a fan of qed speaker cables.


Lenght ?
QED is a fine cable maybe not ideal on Naim amplication.
I tried a 5m run with a Rega amp and it was excellent.

NacA5 is very stiff handling around corners and so on, now also very expensive.
I’d look at the Chord Co. offerings or Kudos KS1 if you buy new.

Second hand, the better buy is Linn K20 or some Van damme/Klotz/Mogami.
Don’t go below 4-5 mtr length for best performance.

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Hmm the Naim dealer I purchased my Nait 50 from did not insist that Naca5 cable had to be used. In fact he recommended I get some Chord cable.
With the latest Naim gear I don’t think it’s imperative to use Naca5.

Chord cables will alter the sound to a more lean sound,NacA5 is what Naim have voiced it with.


It’s not imperative, but NACA5 is a very good cable and goes well with Naim Amps. Just avoid those silly Naim plugs (apologies to our Moderator), get the ‘bog standard’ terminals from Chord Cable.

Very uninformed response.


Why do you persist in calling them “silly” Graham when they are anything but, having been specifically designed for purpose and best performance? Especially after I explained their rationale to you at length previously.



That is fine. I like them no more than I like the ridiculous felt mat on the LP12 that lifts up every time I turn over an LP.

Neither of the dealers that I have used recently has terminated the NACA5 leads with Naim plugs.

It is hardly a major crime to want to use a different mat on the LP12, or different plugs on the NACA5. That’s just my opinion, which may be of little interest to other Members.

In any event, I wish you a Happy New Year.

Now I’m about to watch how dreadfully Christian Thielemann scr*ws up Strauß family waltzes in Vienna. (The great Carlos Kleiber will be spinning in his grave in Croatia.) And it’s always amusing to count how many members of the female persuasion have smuggled themselves into the ranks of this most chauvinistic of the world’s great orchestras!

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It’s easier for them; crimping versus getting the soldering iron out.

Anyway, regarding the nait 50, stick with a cable with appropriate capacitance/inductance compared with naca5 as that’s really the benchmark.