NAC A5 - Too long?

I have a set of NAC A5 cables that are each 6M long. They’re far too long for my space but I never cut them down to the minimum 3.5M because I felt the 2.5M off-cut wold be a total waste. Since then, I’ve been struggling with dressing the cables and I’m exploring cutting them down again.

Keep them long? Cut them down to make my life easier? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Keep them long. I find they sound better at 6m than at 3.5m.


Tried this way?

I’ve never got it so neat, I think there’s 10% magic involved.

Coincidentally, I read that post earlier this evening followed by a second failed attempt at cleaning it up. I agree, at least 10% magic involved.

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To me, 3.5m is also difficult to work with and will likely make little to no difference in terms of dressing. Similarly like others here, I’d suggest to leave it.

No… way more than 10%… :astonished:

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Every time i’ve gone longer lengths with NAC A5 i’ve preferred it. So far i’ve gone from 3.5/4.5/5.5/7/8 and now 10 metre lengths. 10 metre so far my favourite. I only need 5 metres really, but i prefer 10, so that’s where i’m staying.

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Longer is better for SQ if you can handle the dressing. I wouldn’t cut them to the min spec if you can help it. Perhaps half way b/w current and min.

Thanks everyone. Overwhelmingly strong support for leaving it long. Looks like I need to spend my weekend brushing up on the arcane arts.

I was trying to find a picture but preferred method is to use “fire cracker” method to coil excess cable with cable ties

Keep them long it won’t do any harm.

Go to the ‘Cable Dressing’ link 10 posts back from gthack

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