NAC-N 172 XS and NAP 100

Hi all,

First post on the forum. I have been reading the forum on and off since buying a Mu-so gen 1 in 2014.

Anyway, I am now ready to start some sort of separates journey…

I am looking at getting a NAP 100 and pairing it with a NAC-N 172 XS. I know this is a basic start but cant justify a massive £ at the moment.


  • Is the NAP & NAC-N 172 XS a decent match?
  • Can I connect a turntable? Or do I need a Stageline and HiCap in addition to above?
  • If the NAC doesn’t have a DAB/FM module, can that be installed during a service?

Appreciate any feedback / responses.



Hi and welcome,

If your speakers are not too demanding the pairing will work well. You will need a phonostage to play vinyl. Plenty to choose from. Note if you use a Naim Stageline you’ll need a power supply a flat cap will be fine.

Note the 172 and 100 are now discontinued but often available 2nd hand.

You might also consider the NAP 90, NAP110 or NAP140. All are available, ‘pre-loved’.

Thank you both.

Yep I am looking at second hand sites / dealers.

Any advice on the DAB/FM module? I might give Naim technical support a call if not.

Thanks again.


No I can’t help on the FM module, worth a call to Naim. Incidentally what speakers are you considering?

Try here:

Not sure if it will help, but probably worth reading… IMO… :thinking:

To start with I am using a pair of Mission 781 18L from the early 90ties.

They did good then but are super basic. The speakers will probably be one of the first upgrade.

It is going to be really interesting to hear the difference between them and the Mu-so… The Mu-so when new felt so full of depth and clarity.

IMHO, if you do not own already the nap 100, I think that the NAP 155 XS is a better match, and should be bought for almost the same amount of cash.


@Loulou makes a very good point the 150 would be a better match with your Missions.

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Do you have your heart set on a 172 xs?

You can also consider a dedicated streamer like the ND5 XS then spend the remaining budget on either a Nait XS, or a XS level pre/power combo like 122x/150x. These amplifier options would also be able to power a stageline directly if you went down that route for vinyl.

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Thanks all again.

Good suggestions… the 122x and 150x is probably around the 700+ and 155xs is a tad pricier than those.

The ND5 XS is about the 700-800 so again similar to the N172 and paired with 122x/150x would be full budget.

There is a N172 for sale at a well know auction site at 800, which feels a little pricey but it does look brand new.

I would love to go for the N272 if I could find one for 1050-1200 (i would stretch) and that would be a decent start of a system!

thanks again all - super helpful!


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