Nac-n 272 fault code

Should I be worried? Unit locked up and displayed the following on the screen:

Fault 36
DSP ERR3-Muteconfirm

Volume and buttons failed to respond.

I have cycled power via PS and seems to be back working now.

Anyone else had this?

Naim don’t generally publish the meaning of their fault codes, so your best bet is probably to contact Support and ask them what it means.

Chris, ah, didn’t realise that. Thanks.

The same fault code 36 was posted on a week or so ago, Naim’s Steve Harris advised to contact the support helpdesk and they can advice on getting it fixed.

Mike, thanks, I missed that thread. It is working at the moment, but will e-mail Naim support later.

Hi @nitrous

This is an unusual one to trigger. The error 36 is a category for dsp related errors, but the sub-error code in your case is just a missed event. Aka - a system mute was requested and the ack to say it was done was not received. I’ve never seen that exact case fail before.

For now I would suggest keep an eye on it as this might of been a side-affect of an unusual mains power disturbance or similar.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

Hi Steve, Many thanks for your reply. I spoke to my friendly dealer today and he hadn’t come across it either. It seems to be working now (I’ve just come in) so will try it out tonight to see what happens. So I won’t e-mail naim support yet until I see if it has corrected itself. Locally I haven’t had a mains power event that I know of, although there were thunderstorms in the area about a week ago. It was working perfectly all week and all evening before it threw this message. Very odd.


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