Nac n-272 & nap 200 dr

I sold my Naim Uniti Nova amplifier because it had no upgrade options, even though I loved its sound and now have agreed to trade in a used separate set NAC N-272 & NAP 200 DR.
Now I would like to hear opinions about that set, in addition, which additional power supply would you recommend for it, and which speaker cables (NacA5 or some others).

The speakers are PMC Twenty 5.24i

I would think very carefully about trading a Nova which is capable of extensive firmware updates going forwards as streaming services develop for a 272 which has long been superseded, even though Naim only released the replacement (the NSC 222) a few months ago. I wouldn’t do it personally.

And the NAP 200DR is ok, but a NAP 250DR would be an actual improvement on the Nova power amp whereas I’m not sure the NAP 200 is. Note also that the DR in the NAP 200 DR refers only to the power supply included in the NAP 200DR for preamps, but you cannot use that to power a 272.

If you do decide to go ahead with the 272 and 200DR, then the only power supply worth considering for the 272 with be an XPS2 or XPS DR. The 555PS DR is better but you would be wasting your money if your PA is only a 200.

Something you could try would be keeping the Nova but adding the 200DR or a 250DR, not using the Nova’s internal power amplifier. You could maybe try that at home before you make a final decision.


Thanks for the help, I already sold the Nova and I haven’t made a final decision about the new configuration yet, so I can change it if necessary.

Would it make more sense for me to pair that N272 Streamer with a 250-2, which is also on sale? I don’t really know about that Naim DR purpose, but apparently I can’t take advantage of it with this preamplifier?

Or would it be possible to suggest a more reasonable configuration for future sale but still at a reasonable price.

I would take an alternative view to @davidhendon on this. I had a NAP200 pre DR for many years which powered my 282 running into my Dyn Contour 1.8s and it sounded superb and as good as the Nova is, and it is really good, I’m sure that everything else being = the 272/200 will outperform it. However, where David is on the money is that the 272 is a generation behind. This may not be a problem if you just want to stream local files or Tidal but Qobuz etc is out of reach.




My advice would be to wait until the new 333 streamer is released in the Autumn, and look out for an NDX2 when people start to trade them in for the new model. (An ND5XS2 would be a cheaper alternative, not as good, but still a decent streamer).
Then add a Supernait, or a separate pre and power amp, depending on your budget and how many boxes you want.


Of course I should have added if a 250DR is available then that will inevitably be an improvement over the 200 and with the 250 you will be making use of the DR capability which you wouldn’t with the 200. Choices choices!!!

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With 272/XPSDR I went from a 200 to a 250.2 and 250DR, big improvement every time! I recommend the 250 (2 or DR) instead of a 200… and I’ve been using Qobuz for 7 years with Mconnect… very good!

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A 272 / 250 combo would be an upgrade for SQ, but a 272 is an earlier model with older streaming board - no built-in Qobuz for example.

A Nova is jolly good but you don’t have to give up Qobuz or the more modern streaming architecture to beat it.

I imagined getting a Nova like my girlfriend’s for our holiday home. Instead I got an 82 preamp and a Hicap and a 250 power amp (all olive, all old, all serviced by Naim in the last decade) and a ND5XS2 streamer. EBay…

The result is noticeably better than a Nova imho, and will drive tricky speakers much better and offers higher volume without compromise. but it is more boxes. I also don’t have the Nova’s screen or funky volume knob, but that’s ok.

If I felt like an upgrade to that, it would be adding an equally second-hand nDAC to the streamer.


The 200 is a disappointing amp for my ears but your ears are what matters.

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