NAC-N 272 not working today

I was using for Spotify music via Pixel 8 last evening.

This morning I attempted to use internet radio connected via ethernet to router but NAC-N doesn’t make the connection to the radio station. using spotify I can see my device but unable to select it.

The Naim app does work at time but nothing selected then connects.
I rebooted the NAC-N and noted the display booted up and normally finishes up with Ready, this didn’t happen.

Still can’t select from spotify.

rebooted and left NAC-N off and power disconnected. for few hours.

booted up and nothing then after short time. the radio came on, but trying to change radio station via preset Internet radio failed to connect again.

Should I attempt a Factory reset, or is there a less intrusive fix please?

S/N: 404407
Version 4.8.00




Take a look at the V Tuner out again thread, will clear things up.

There is a global problem with Vtuner that Naim uses for iradio on all of the products. Lots of people are describing variants of the same problem in other threads.

There would be no advantage at all in doing a factory reset. You just have to wait until Vtuner is fixed I’m afraid.


Hi David, Sharney,

Thanks for this very prompt advice on Vtuner . I will check the thread now I am aware of this service.

Does Vtuner also affect switching to Spotify or is that separate please?



Spotify isn’t affected by vtuner.

But I wonder whether the unavailability of vtuner is making Naim streamers hang while waiting for vtuner to respond so that the streamer doesn’t work at all. But this is me surmising, not me knowing!


It is something like that as the Naim streamer drops off the network for a few minutes after failing to connect via vtuner.

There is definitely something the ND5XS doesn’t like when VTuner is down, Tidal doesn’t work if trying iRadio first so I assume Spotify would be affected too. Tidal begins working a few minutes later if it’s just left alone.

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