Unable to play tidal on I phone .cant play track skipped is message . I have just reinstalled tidal after it being deleted and not used for a while appreciate any help .

What firmware is your 272 on? It needs to be 4.7 for Tidal to work properly.



Its 4.6 next question how do I change to 4.7 thanks

That will be the problem then. Tidal unilaterally changed their server protocol and Naim had to respond with a firmware update, which is 4.7

You can download the update from the Naim website. The instructions are included in the zip. It’s easy if you understand what the instructions say, otherwise I would get a Naim dealer to do it for you.

If you decide to try to do it yourself, there are lots of people here who can advise, so just post your questions.



Ok found it on net many thanks fo your help regards les

All sorted many thank regards stay safe


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