NAC N172XS+NAP200 or Supernait1+ND5XS

What combination is best soundwise, NAC N172XS+NAP200 or Supernait1+ND5XS?

Let me known.

I had the oppertunity to compare a Nait XS2+ND5XS to my Superuniti this weekend.

Set up:
Neat Motive SX2 connected with 2x3.5 m NACA5
Mofi Studiodeck+
Rega Fono mm MK3 connected with rca-din cable
Audiolab 6000 CDT connected with coax
Spotify 320 kbs

Nait xs2+ND5xs:
Full earthy SQ, lively, bolt, robust, fleshed out
Sound gets congested at higher volumes especially with female voices
Sound refuses to open up and sprakle and therefor has no fit, sit and forget qualities
Sounds a bit warmish

Pro’s: open, lively and sprakly with good bass, one box, channel balance correction, fit, sit and forget qualities
Con’s: not as fleshed out as Nait XS2+ND5xs

So stick with the SU.

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