NAC-N272 - An open apology to HH

It’s good but it’s not that good :rofl:


Or does it make it worse by giving a more accurate rendition?


I would not be sleeping easy tonight if I were you guys, oo-o-o he’s coming to get you

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Welcome to the club, the much talked about 272 is a fine pre amp. Seems to me most people that dismiss it have never lived with or owned one. Hope you have as many hours of fine listening like I and many others have :+1:

And yes, this not an endorsement for the Smiths :joy:

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I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I’m miserable now.

Better one Smiths song than a whole collection of the prog drivel that many seem to like for some strange reason.


Yes it does have a mute button.


Is official … the 272 is epic especially with the top 555 PSU (with or without DR)… I know I was blow away by it years ago…I even ran it with a NAP500 … with secondhand units available now at reasonable prices - its a bit of an audiophile bargain… I am not sure Naim will ever replace it … I think it’s performance kind of undermines the classic preamps … a little too much!!! enjoy. Make sure you have a top quality support for 272 - it is a little vibration sensative and mircophonic as there is no suspension.

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Thanks for the warning, I barred all the doors and windows and survived the night - phew!

I don’t think that will help. The punishment is the Noriega treatment, a 272 system is set up outside your house, and the Smiths oeuvre is played on repeat at full volume.

Poor old man, he had an accident with a three bar fire…

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You have a 555PS on your 272 now, Nigel?

BTW, I like prog, so there.

I’ve had the 555 and 300 for the best part of two years now. They are part of the family. Yes, I remember suffering the utterly execrable ELP when we met. They must be the most dreadful self indulgent drivel ever, closely followed by Marillion and Porcupine Tree. Yes are ok, but then they had a jazz drummer for their best albums.

He plans on John Lennon’s Imagine. I only noticed that this weekend, reading the liner notes.

But it’s just Beefaroni to me.

I wasn’t thinking of Alan White. No, no, no. Bill Bruford. As for beefaroni I’ve never heard of it but is sounds disgusting. Like ELP.

Both great drummers. For some reason I thought that Alan White was on some jazz records but I was mistaken.

I knew who you meant, HH. Personally I think Bill Bruford is a far superior dummer to Alan White. Yes were never quite as good as they could have been had Bruford been able to stay with them.

Can’t believe you can remember what music we played - how many years is it since I visited? I know it was a few years before the 272 came out. You had a very different system then. I’d also forgotten it’s that long ago since I first bought an ELP album.

The 555PSU must be quite an upgrade (at least I’d hope so given the price). Did you have an XPS DR before that? What’s the biggest difference sound quality-wise in your experience? I run a 272 “bare”, partnered with a NAP100. It’s a great combination, but I think from my pov it will be the 100 that gets an upgrade first before I consider a PSU.

Ah, if only the 272 had a powered input for the stageline…

Maybe in the 292?

Hi Jon. I do remember your visit, and must emphasise that Yes and ELP were played at Derek’s house on his lovely 500 system with WB Chimeras. We then adjourned to mine for much better music!!

Back then I had a CDS3/555, 552/300 and cherry SL2s. After lots of changes over the dog food years I now have 272/555DR, 300DR and maple SL2s. More of a mullet but not that far from the big setup of yore.

From SU it was 272/250DR, with XPSDR added a few months later. After two years I swapped XPS for 555 and 250 to 300 and there it has sat for the last two years. The 555 makes much more difference over the XPS than the XPS makes over bare. It’s far more natural and real and simply better.

In your case I’d be getting a 250DR before a power supply.

My thoughts too, HH. Logically it would appear to make sense.

I’ve seen your current system in the System Pics thread. I’m sure it sounds as good as it looks and it looks great.

Jon, I previously used my 272 into a NAP100 but then upgraded to a 250DR this is a huge uplift and highly recommended.