NAC-N272 officially discontinued?

According to this URL it’s finally discontinued:

(Maybe it’s yesterday’s news, apologies if that’s the case).

David, yes discontinued quite a while ago, lots of speculation about a possible replacement.



Discontinued on 9 March 2020, to be precise - just before the world fell off a COVID cliff…

The love for streaming pre=amps burns bright here in Salisbury, though.


I knew something had gone wrong in March 2020. Just couldn’t tell what… :wink:

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Take my money!


And mine

I’ve already spent mine - gave up waiting :frowning:

But I might look down the back of the sofa if a new N272 materialises :slight_smile:

I’m hearing rumours from anonymous sources that the much anticipated 272-2 is undergoing final testing at Naim HQ.

From the attached photo, you’ll notice similarities with its predecessor (volume pot), while ​other front panel controls have been dispensed with (operation via remote or app is now universal). The screen fade problem is neatly solved by not having a screen.

Custom finishes will be offered e.g. the retro ‘Julian’s Garage’ finish (shown) is £2000 extra.


Frankly, I never understood this lovy-dovy thing with the 272. The last bloke that went on and on and on about it currently runs a SN3. Give me a freaking break.


Don’t want to start the 272 topic again, but the main reason for the many enthousiasts on this forum is that it punches well above its weight while in the meantime keeping boxcount low.

And yes; an NDX2 with NAC282 will be (much) better still, but requires an extra outlay of EUR 14.685 here in The Netherlands …


Try hearing a Atom HE with a pair of ATC SCM40A on the end of it.
If this is a taste of the new streaming architecture employed in the HE. Well, cannot wait for a updated 272, hopefully with XLR outputs and external PSU.
Come on Naim Secret Santa, make my Xmas :champagne::tada::cocktail::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Count me in! :wink:

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The updated 272 needs to be seriously good, as it will be up against some seriously good competition. Not sure what the price point will be, but maybe up to Chord Dave money (especially if you include the obligatory 555PS to the 272)? Fingers crossed!

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I reckon the 272 replacement will have an internal power supply, but with a burndy connection for that relatively small number of people (most of whom are here) who want to spend the same again on a power supply.


The 272 was about the same price as an NDX, so if a new platform replacement arrives you might reasonably assume it would cost the same as an NDX2.

I didn’t regard a 555PS as “obligatory” with my 272. (Did use an XPSDR, I admit.) But even if a PS gives a certain performance lift on a component, it doesn’t mean it’s sure to give the same uplift on that component’s replacement. I found a HiCap essential on my original SuperNait but many SN2/3 users are happy using it without a PS. If the 272 ‘replacement’ is in part derived from the Atom HE, I think the effect of putting a PS on it will need to be evaluated when and if it arrives.


As “The love for streaming pre=amps burns bright here in Salisbury” it seems to be a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.


As my old Nan used to say: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


Or, as my old Nan used to say “All comes, to those that wait”. :blush:

That’s what the last CEO of Naim said (about the 272).

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