NAC-N272 or used NAC202/NDX

Here in sunny Perth we have limited demo opportunities. Very limited. So whilst I appreciate that one should have a home demo it’s not really feasible to get one along the upgrade lines that I am contemplating.

I can get a NAC-N272 to try but not back to back with my other option, which is used equipment.
Being a keen user of Mr Google I see that I could get either a new 272 or a used 202/HiCap/NDX for basically the same money. I want to replace my NAC-N 172. Power amp is a non DR 200. Speakers are S400s.

No turntable, all my music sits on my Qnap NAS, I have around 4000 or so albums 50/50 HiRes and ripped CD.

This would be an extended stop along the way, so thoughts of PS555s whilst valid are moot.
Has anyone compared along these lines?

I haven’t done a direct comparison of those systems side by side, but based on my experience of listening to all of the components at various times, I think the NDS/202/Hicap will blow the 272 out of the water. Obviously, you are going to need a PSU for the NDS, so if you’re not getting a 555 now, you will need an XPS or XP5XS.

Oops moment. Sorry about that but meant NDX…
We have really good wine here…
I suspect that a 202/HiCap/NDX in good condition should beat a 272. Thanks for being so quick

I’d much rather have the 202/NDX vs 272.

One thing is easier for future upgrades, but hearing the 272 in a dealer, I preferred the sound of other pre’s in comparison.

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Still, with an NDX, my answer would be the same! Stick an XPS on the 272, and I would probably still take the NDX/202/HC, but you’re getting very close then.

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Thought so too

Stick a 555DR on the 272 and its a game changer.

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