Nac102/nap180 power questions

Hi all, just got a wonderful nac102/nap180/hicap/napsc bundle, really very happy so far!

does anybody know the idle power consumption of this system? is it proven to be better or worse for the electronics to switch on/off or leave on?


The recommendation from Naim is to leave it powered on. In doing so you will get the best Sound Quality straight away, as they can take a few hours to warm up. My nac102/nap140 was powered up for 20 years, with just the odd power down.

If kit gets damaged, it’s often at the time of powering on, however of course you will be concerned about the power usage of leaving it on. It’s not insignificant, but remember in the winter the heat produced will keep a chill off a room. There are an awful lot of discussions on this Forum that you can search for, and you will be reading them all night if you are not careful. I’ve attached the most recent.

My personal view is to keep it powered on, and enjoy it, but then in conjunction perhaps investigate all your appliances to see what can be done to reduce your overall electricity usage. E.g. insulation, using smart switches to turn off things at night, buying a plug in Watt meter so that you know what your appliances are using, and possible see if you have any rogue appliances over using (e.g. I had a freezer that was using twice as much as a modern one does)

Below is the power consumption of my kit, so you can extrapolate some of that for yourself


Naim recommend that equipment be left switched on continuously.

I have followed that advice for over thirty years.

Bear in mind that most electronic equipment fails with the power surge on switching on, so you may even be prolonging the life of your equipment by not switching off and on on a daily basis.

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Hi GadgetMan,

Quick question, is your NAPSC the first or second (black) generation? My first gen NAPSC that came with the nac82 measures 12 watts from the wall using a power meter. My Hicap on the other hand is same as yours (8.4 watts).

It’s the first generation NAPSC, without the IEC connector

Hi all & thanks a lot for the answers! Was not sure if its only a question of sound quality… interesting that naim recommends to leave it on!

on „power on“ damage, is there any experience which parts are normally affected & if it could cause major damage?

So i assume the nap 180 will be taking around 20W, the olive hicap maybe 8, the napsc 12… makes around 40W total

since i have an eco electricity contract, for me it‘s only a matter of cost then. depending on prices around 100-150€/year…

You can compromise… You might leave your NAPSC and HiCap on, permanently - then just power up your 180 when you plan to listen.

A NAP warms up quite quickly. A NAC does not.

This is what I do with my 82/HC/250.


Also in the autumn! These last few days I’ve decamped from my normal, cold home office location to the room where the naim gear is. It’s not toasty but it is noticeably warmer. It saves having the heating on or even the space heater. And, I find I can also have some classical or jazz on quietly in the background to help me concentrate if I need to write something.

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One of my favourite Naim pre/power combinations reproduces music brilliantly and filled with Olive Boogie Factor.

Spot on advice.

Just switch off the 180.

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