NAC110 Bulgin wiring

Hello, my first post here and whilst I searched for an answer to this without success please accept my apologies if I missed something.

I mislaid the power cable for my old 110 and want to make another. I have the correct 3-pin Bulgin plug for it but there are no markings on it. Does anyone have the correct pinout…I would hate to make a mistake an blow up such a lovely classic!

Ah, an early “short chassis” NAP110? I think that @NeilS should be able to help you here.

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Maybe ‘open the box’ and check the connections inside…?

Yep, an early short chassis 110.

Re box opening, I could of course do that but was hoping to avoid having to do so. If it’s my only option, so be it.

I always used to think that the ‘short chassis’ looked odd next to the ‘full length’ cases. Was there a reason for this, other than not having a chassis full of air?

The box was not designed to be sealed for ever… The Salisbury Fairy Dust is glued in…!!

The NAC42 and NAP110 were the first Naim products to use the new U sled and extruded sleeve construction, and arrived in '79. The depth of these items was no doubt chosen to adequately accommodate the electronics. However, I would speculate that with the rest of the range appearing a year later re-engineered into the U sled and extruded sleeve construction that some extra depth was found to be required for certain products and so this was then standardised across the range (with one or two notable exceptions - see below).

The difference in depth is only very small between the “short case” 42/110 and the later version. The short case was 286mm in depth vs. 300mm for the later 1980 onwards versions. However, there were two later units that had even shorter chassis’ - the NAIT and, shorter still, the SNAPS.


I had a Nap 110 serial number 576

short case made in Salt Lane,very good sounding a little more open sound like the earlier Nap 120( a favorite of mine)

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Thanks for the very full explanation, Richard.

It was genuine ‘cottage industry’ in those early days!

This is how my Nap 110 with Bulgin looked inside.

These are the pin allocations looking from the rear of the unit:



Thank you for all the responses. It transpires that the plugs are actually marked but you need a torch and magnifying glass, or a phone camera on full zoom, to make them out.


I had Custom HiFi Cables make up an 8’ bulgin power cable for my 160 BD when I got it three years ago. Took the sound from “hmmm…” to “this is fantastic!” The original cable was on its last legs as it was (though working), so imo needed to be done and CHC was the only one offering the bulgin connector (and a much more robust one then the original bakelite(?) one). Just a thought…

8 feet - !!! Wow.

Maybe the Bulgin plug has some advantages in that it doesn’t sit so tight as a IEC,maybe transfer less vibrations,microphony…

HI Charles,

I have a Nap110 with Bulgin Wiring.

Regarding your main lead from Custom HiFi Cables

Could you describe more details about this cable?


Yeah, I needed the reach at the time. Also, I figured as long as I’m getting it made up and shipped from the UK, a few extra feet was inexpensive.

Hmm… not sure what to describe, but I’ll give it a try. The original sheathing had come separated from the bulgin end, and when I went to ‘fix’ it, it was just a cheap 18awg that was soldered onto the little pins. All seemed ancient and rinky dink to me (plus I bought the 160 from my dealer for a lowly $500, including 10% sales tax and it appeared to have been recapped sometime in the past). Anyway, the only cable maker I could find that offered a bulgin connector was CHC. The cable is their basic powerblack, and cost total of $285 shipped to US if I recall (minus VAT). To me it was an immediate upgrade in sound - went from somewhat closed in and slightly muffled to open and clearer with all of that vintage Naim goodness. Of course I’ve never opened the cable up, but the quality overall is very good, and Sean was a pleasure to deal with. Hope that helps.

Yeah, who knows. It was the first time I’d ever seen such a thing. Mine (both the OG and the new CHC one) fits pretty damn tight, much tighter than any modern IEC I’ve had on Naim or other electronics

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Here’s a quick pic around back. You can see it’s a more substantial connector than the OG one, imo.

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