I think i must have an early version of this pre-amp streamer device as it doesn’t have a Bluetooth aerial socket so cannot see how i can play from my iPad to the device. Neither can i see if i can play FLAC music files from my ipad to the USB. Any ideas?

Your best bet is probably to try a USB DAC like an Audioquest Dragonfly and put the output into an analogue input on the 172.

You will need an adaptor between the iPad and the Dragonfly.

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You can play from an iPad using a standard USB (or Lightning to USB) data cable into the streamer. You shouldn’t need any adapters, this an officially Apple certified ‘Works With iPhone’ implementation.
It was originally intended to work with iTunes/Apple Music. If you’re having problems with a different app, play something from Apple Music first, then switch to your chosen app and it should work.


Ive the same model. I use a Logitech Bluetooth module which I use for my Echo Dot or if I want to play something from my phone or iPad.

How exactly do you get an external bluetooth to work as it has no Bluetooth. Thanks.

You would need to buy a Bluetooth receiver and plug it into one of the 172 input sockets.

A standard data cable supplied with an iPad would connect it to the 172 if it’s a Lightning to USB version rather than the newer USB-C type.

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Just connect the module to an input and assign the name accordingly.

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