NAC252 combined in/out sockets

Quick question regarding my NAC252 preamp. The specs in question are as follows:

Input Sensitivities: 75mV, 47kΩ
Main Output Level: 0.775V, <50Ω
HDD Output Level: 75mV, 600Ω

So the output from the combined in/out socket for the HDD is 75mV. The Pre > Amp outputs are all 775mV. What about the output from the combined in/out socket for Aux 1? I’m assuming it’s the same as the HDD output socket?

(And I guess the same question applies to the Tape/AV/Aux1 outputs on the NAC552?)

Thanks in advance

Anyone… Bueller… Anyone…?

Maybe @Richard.Dane knows. If nobody knows, an email to will help, but be patient as they were on holidays

The Naim specs say that the fixed level outputs (which includes the AUX1 output) are 75mV. The specs on the NAC552 are the same.

Thanks. Figured that, but just wanted to confirm. Couldn’t find the specs anywhere.

Sorry but a little confused. Does it matter which input I use on my 552 for the ND 555?

No, any of them should be fine.

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