NAC272 DSP Err weirdness

I have a late 2016 bog-standard NAC272 w radio board. No outboard power supplies, it runs uPnP, occasional Bluetooth and occasional Toslink from the TV. Over the last year it has been occasionally showing an error. I hate intermittent faults but the intermittency is getting less intermittent now. Don’t know if it is the heat. More lately the toslink seems to have the odd couple of seconds loss of signal, this is not on the input as the TV speakers sound OK (signal is fed from Amazon Prime through a PC via HDMI to the TV).

Anyway, the front panel display says thusly

and the device does not respond to the remote control.

I have tried reseating the jumper plug at the back, to no avail. Turned on and off again. Turned off, left a day, on again. Still the same.

Is there a reset button or something else I can try? Or is this bricked, and is it fixable - computers aren’t normally worth repairing, but this is an expensive computer…

Reset to factory defaults would be my first suggestion.

You could try a factory reset if the remote works, but if it were me I would ring Naim support. This can definitely be fixed and depending how old it is, it might not cost you much at all. Anyway ask your dealer or check with Naim support is best I suggest.


Is there a keypress sequence to do that on boot? The unit powers up first showing NAC272 as normal for a few seconds, but after the error message appears it is just locked up

To be honest, I can’t remember exactly, and I’m not at home just now. It’s in the menu on the front panel display, controlled by the remote, so unless you are stuck with the error message now, it’s easy enough to find. You will, of course, lose any saved settings by doing this.
If it doesn’t solve your issue, Naim service dept should be able to fix it.
Good luck!

Hi @ermine

The fault code means that the 22.768MHz audio clock is not responding to pull requests fully, which is needed for the dac/dsp audio clock to match the incoming clock on spdif.

Suggest contact the support helpdesk and they can advice on getting it fixed.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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Thanks, I guess that explains the gaps in the TV sound too. Will take it up with Naim.

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