NAC272 &NAP 200 Temperture and General Questions

I recently purchased a used NAC272 and NAP200. I notice the NAP272 case gets pretty warm, not hot. Is this normal? I would expect the power amp to be warmer but it actually feels quite a bit cooler than the 272. What is the best ‘mode’ to put the NAC272 in to save power? Do I just mute it?

Probably quite normal. The NAC-N272 has lots of ICs inside for the streaming circuitry and these can run warm to hot and use the case as a heatsink. The power amp is generally cool running unless under duress.

My NDX always feels warm to the touch whereas the 200 remains cool.

Thanks for the information. I won’t worry abot it then. I am very impressed with the NAC272, I didn’t think the streamer software would match bluesound, but I like it better!

Like it has a choice…!

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Ha! Probably not the best choice of word there - how about “pressure”?

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Yes, NAIM’s digital circuits run quite hot (put your hand on a running HDX and it’ll be toasty in no time). The upshot of this on product longevity is the real question.

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