NAC272 + NAP200 + PMC Twenty 23 what next?

For a balanced preamp output see the new naim 332 :smile:

You could be the first to give feedback on use with a non naim amp!!!

Ahh had assumed Naim used DIN o/p & i/p on 272 & NAP 200 because they were balanced. I guess not. The 272 has RCA outputs, any reason not to use those to the Bryston with good quality boggo phono leads? Or is it work getting 4-pin DIN to RCA?

Purely of interest, why does (did) Naim use DIN for this kit then - for the extra power pins or some sonic reason?

worth ….

BTW Iain, those Sonus Faber speakers you mentioned are gorgeous. Dunno what they sound like, but worth it just for the looks!
Focal Sopra 2 seem v popular for performance, but look huge, not pretty to these eyes, though beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It’s those 3 pin XLRs that are normally used for balanced connections, not DINs.
Naim’s preferred choice of DIN is largely down to the fact that it offers a common ground for both channels, and they recommend that you should use it wherever it’s provided. If you already have suitable RCA cables they will be fine to get you up and running.

Aah ok that makes sense. Past amps have usually had earthing terminals but not the 272, nor the Bryston. Both have 3 pin grounded mains connectors, should that not connect both chassis together to earth?
Leads to another question - Naim signal ground switch set to floating or chassis? (no switch on the Bryston)

Just to be clear, we are talking about the signal ground here, not the safety earth connection.
An all Naim system uses the DIN connections to carry the ground from power amp back to preamp and then to the source (CD player or streamer) so everything works as one.
When you introduce non-Naim components this common grounding arrangement can be broken. That’s not always a problem, and I suspect your power amp will be fine.

If you don’t have a Naim CD player or similar source connected to your 272 it should normally be set to Chassis. I often find that this setting makes little or no audible difference, and no harm will be caused if it’s not set correctly. If in doubt, listen to both settings and use the one you prefer.

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We haven’t yet been for a demo of the Olympica Nova ii and iii, but it might happen at some point now we have 300DR. Dealer rates them highly.

SF do build beautiful, lounge friendly and SWMBO approved loudspeakers.