NAC272 + NAP200 + PMC Twenty 23 what next?

Yes, I see. Do you adjust the levelling on the other side? :wink:

You move it into position for serious listening? :thinking::wink:

Seriously, you prompted this sequence of posts by criticism of other people’s rooms for not having 'room treatment '. :roll_eyes:

I was not criticising people for not having having room treatment , I merely pointed out that there are other options to improve SQ than spend more money on electronics. Do you have room treatment ? I suspect the people who find most fault with this as a premise have not tried it ……

Like many people I do not have a room where I can keep a chair in the optimum position so I move it onto the rug which is always there in the middle of the room …….

But thank you for your what you presumably believe are insightful additions to the thread
Seriously ! :roll_eyes:

It’s not optimal for sound quality to have some big and heavy components between speakers. So I am also a big surprised as you focus a lot on acoustic treatments.

The chair gets moved for ‘serious’ listening. Probably the side table too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s how it read to me. Everybody is different and hears differently, some people are happy with their room as it is and don’t want rectangular panels dotted about the room.

I use some DSP to deal with a 50Hz room node but only after I had moved speakers to the optimum position.

As previously explained I move the chair when I am actually just listening to music !!!

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Definitely the two side tables , one for the bottle of wine and one for the glass :joy:

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Sorry, haven’t read it. Much more logical then.

Harsh, folks, harsh. AB offers valuable insights. I’m sure room acoustic treatment makes a huge difference, but has a visual impact. so I guess it depends which comes first - audio or visual - different strokes for different folks. Perhaps excepting the freestanding panels at the back, which I might get away with and try, the bass traps and panels are too obtrusive, I wouldn’t ask my wife to live with them. I guess experience with the active bass traps is limited.

Other news, which will no doubt not be a surprise and get me in trouble with the source first and room upgrade proponents. I spied a pair of reasonably priced used Fact 12s, couldn’t resist. They are in perfect condition, in walnut veneer, not a perfect match with the room (light oak preferred), but look lovely. I knew they were taller than the 20.23s, but what took me back a bit was their enormous 17 inch depth! They looked fine from the listening position but intimidating side on watching telly. Moving my AV kit around and using 90 degree banana plugs I was able to move them back and to the sides of the room where they don’t look quite as big, this also mellowed the sound and added bass.
Sonically they are superb - even in my modest ‘harsh’ room - bringing out more detail and vocals and much more, more precise, deeper bass. I tried them with the NAP200 and the Bryston, undoubtedly the Bryston transforms them and makes them sing. No doubt a better source and 555 etc would be even better but it’s great base to start from. It was a chunk of change but Joan and I are delighted and listening to lots of music. :blush::blush::blush:

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Not that much bigger, honest guv! Still sunny and warm in NE Scotland, Nirvana (Nevermind) thumping it out. :blush:


They don’t look much bigger to me😉

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