NAC282 balance centre

A couple of years ago, I upgraded from a NAC112 which flashed a light on the balance knob, when you pressed one of the balance buttons on the supplied remote when the balance was properly centred.

My NAC282 does not do this. Is this normal please? If not, how do you know, ears apart?


It is normal. There’s no detent or indication of any kind.


Thank you for confirming.

Play a mono recording to fix the ‘middle’. I found my 282 needed to be at nearly 10 o’clock whereas the 252 I have now is dead centre.


I tend to just toe in the correct speaker if my sound stage is (slightly) off

While playing a mono recording, what do you listen for to find centre balance? Do you just listen for a "locked "in center , also does the preamp get switched to mono also?

It’s best to adjust the balance by ear, which I think is why Naim don’t put a centre mark on the fascia. I can think of a couple of reasons for this:
Your room, or even your hearing, may require use of the balance control to centre the soundstage.
Naim’s preferred Alps Blue volume pot is notorious for sometimes having a slight channel imbalance. This is often more pronounced at low volumes. So again, having the balance apparently set at TDC might not actually centre the sound either.

I just listened for the mono ‘image’ appearing centred. Didn’t think to put the amp in mono.


Hello. A question please. (I have asked this before)
My Supernait 2 has a similar channel imbalance. It centers on 1 o’clock.
However the tonal balance (the smoothness and fullness) of the sound is best at 12 o’clock. (it is slightly shrill at 1 pm in comparison).
Did you experience this?

Not that I recall.


thank you.

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