Nac282/nap250 or Heed separates?

Related to the padded cell conversation about the upcoming change in NZ Naim distribution. Note I’m not trying to stir the pot, although I am conscious this is a Naim-sponsored forum. I’m not a member of other forums and I respect the views of this one in the few months I’ve been a member.

I have a vinyl source and speakers that I am very happy with. In the middle is the very capable Nait XS 2 and a Stageline. I was looking to upgrade this to a nac282/nap250 and possibly Superline, but I’m now not so sure given the uncertainty over Naim in NZ. I’ve also got an ND5 XS which in hindsight I didn’t need to buy, my main listening is vinyl but I do want a good streaming source.

Has anyone got experience with Heed separates? @Mike_S you mentioned it I think. Pricing puts it around Naim’s XS range. I can’t find much info online other than a ho-hum what hifi review from a few years ago.

What happens in NZ?

Hi Bjorn - see this thread:

Okey! Thanks for the reply, I hope the issue is resolved soon!

Hi @znai. Until this impending change I was planning to compare this exact option 280/250 versus the similarly price top range Heed separates (Thesis Pre + PS and the mono block power amps are around $20K). The idea was to demo both if I decided to go to separates. Now, with the change, doing that comparison isn’t going to be possible.

What I can say, is that I have the Heed Canalot headphone amp with the Obselik PX power supply, and this gives stellar performance through my HD800s and NDX2 / XPS DR source. Hence my interest in the top end Heed versus Niam at the same price point. I have also heard the Heed Lagrange integrated and it certainty gives the SN2 a run for it’s money.

Probably like you, I’m in a bit of a vortex of whether to grab last orders on a 250 and go for a used pre - amp or just sit happy where I am and try Heed later if the desire hits.

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I’ve been trying out a Heed Lagrange integrated this last couple of days, coupled with a Vertere Phono 1.

I tried the Vertere Phono against my current Stageline K first (through my existing Nait XS 2). I preferred the Stageline. A good start given it cost me $600 compared to $2000 for the Vertere.

Next then the Lagrange against the Nait XS 2. Again, I preferred the Naim. A bit more involving?

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That’s interesting. I wasn’t able to do a side by side with the Lagrange and SN2, but I thought the Lagrange was well ahead of the Nova that I was able to compare with.

Ach honestly I’m not placing much stock in my ‘review’. I find it difficult to compare kit. I get distracted by what I’m listening to! What difference I felt was subtle and I’d be quite happy with either option. Which in this case means status quo.

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