What’s going to happen?

I’ve just recently learnt that NA distributors in New Zealand have lost the local Naim dealership and service rights!!
What’s going to happen.? After something like 35 years are we going to get some random solider monkey on the iron doing serving or having to wait 6 months plus custom taxes sending to the UK for a simple service!! OMG this suck as far as I can tell!!!
Richard I’m not stirring the pot I would like to know what is the plan???

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Unless someone takes over and supplies a good service your screwed.
Naim products will become pretty much worthless, as no one will want the expense or hassle, especially when these days the market is full of other great kit.

Sorry but thats how i see it

Richard doesn’t know either. A few of us hijacked a couple of other threads talking about it. We can’t fathom it either. No word yet from Naim about it.

There can’t be many people in the world with more knowledge about Naim products than Chris.


Yeah that’s sucks. Apparently it’s going to happen in June, I’m sending my 135’s in this week for a unnecessary service as they were done in 2014. But I really don’t want any other person to touch them other than Chris Murphy(respect)

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Incoming - massive price rise IMO

This happened in Au recently too and the new distributor greatly bumped up prices IIRC.

In some respects, it’s better to not have a dealer. The shipping might be a pain but then you can buy in the UK at ex VAT prices and no one can have a go at you for trying to undercut a local distributor.

I often thought it was a pain to not have Naim in my country but it’s saved me a lot of money. Judging by local Chord and Linn prices, if Naim ever do return here I’ll have no choice but to leave Naim when it is time for upgrade.


Mate I work for Fonterra, corporate so and so. Times have changed and the little man is just a little man while the heart is ripped from him and his family.

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I don’t think any change will happen until later on this year. In the meantime, I’m sure once they can do so, Naim will announce what new arrangements might be.

Just a note. I will moderate this thread if deemed necessary to do so. While I’m sure there is much emotion here that some might wish to post on the forum, nobody apart from the parties involved are privy to the full details behind what has occurred or what will happen going forwards, so I would caution you before rushing to judgement, either way. Thanks

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Oh. Yes indeed you will as you are the moderator for Naim Audio UK branch.
Just the facts have been released to me so I feel I need to know what is public so I can plan my servicing requirements.
Indeed this thread may help other serious local Naim audiophiles plan there future moves in the said market, after all as it has always been when it comes to Naim audio the relationship between the brand and the Naim retailer is just as important as one another. Or was that JV’s Philosophy? Not that it matters as he is long gone…sorry could my bad.

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Is this Chris Murphy giving up his business full stop or has he lost the franchise? Just thinking if no authorised service agent is forthcoming is or will he be still in a position to service the existing kit? I can’t see Naim dumping on it’s existing customers, something viable will have to be arranged surely?

From what I understand he has lost it to an Australia importer which is happening June. I guess he could go the “witch hat” way at the end of the day. Anyway I’m sure Naim have a plan for down underneath…

Australia? That would be like someone in the UK buying stuff from the Canary islands distance wise! Surely they will get something sorted, either that or lose a whole nation of potential buyers

It’s A true story. Money talks at the end of the day for the corporate, now stop it Richard’s corporate foot will step on me like the bug that I am :honeybee:
Wait for it :tired_face:

I know its probably not what you want to do, but its probably the best thing to do right now, as atleast you should have trouble free amps for 10 years plus and not worry about servicing them. A lot can happen in that time.

It is bad enough sending kit almost 1000km with a courier and having to wait several weeks for a service I can’t imagine what that would be like having to send it to Australia.
I for one will be looking for an alternative after almost 40 years of Naim ownership, Perreaux make some great electronics, Wand are making some great turntables and Tex Tone make some very impressive speakers. All of these very high quality products made here in my home town of Dunedin. Perhaps it is just the excuse I have been looking for. :smiley:


Oh yes! I have meet Mr Wand (Simon) and have experienced that wonderful Uni pivot with that magic Hana cart, and yes it was setup on his lp player which is very exciting to listen to. Have also herd the wand hanging on a sp10, a Peter Perreaux tweaked pre and power (I call it “the beast”) into some B&W 801’s. Given some curry omg a 500 system cant touch it for share adrenaline rush. Probably the best all around sounding system I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. Drunk or not drunk :woozy_face:
While that being said I have what I have and I’m not intending to throw the baby. Out water bath water. Just need to know the future so I can plane my servicing of my all Olive gear. I would think it’s going to affect a large number of loyal down under Naim audio clients, particularly the warranty claims etc.
Was down In Dunedin last weekend, my family’s home town, I have a cousin who Teachers at Otago Uni and has just brought her first house near Mornington. Just love Otago!! living hear in Canterbury it’s so boring, hardly any hills the wind and oh the traffic😣

I have spent almost all of my life here and still love it, with Central Otago as a “playground” it’s hard to beat. We always enjoy a trip to Christchurch but haven’t made it there for a while so must do something about that.
I wouldn’t ditch my humble Naim kit it would become my secondary set up and would retain the ND5XS in the main system along with the LP12. I do like to support local manufacturers so that’s what I meant about looking for an excuse.

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Let’s just see how it all pans out - Chris is a very experienced guy when it comes to all things Naim, it would be a disaster if he didn’t stay a Naim dealer.

But have faith let’s not jump the gun.


It seems Naim are happy having a distributor in Aus and now NZ that really isn’t that interested in servicing or product knowledge. Would love to know how sales have gone in Aus since Chris lost the gig here.

Hopefully they (Naim) know what they’re doing but if prices continue to climb I feel the brand will become irrelevant in this market.

The only thing that keeps me here is the faith I have in my dealer.


As you know Pete - same with me

Not so good rumblings here in Aus

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