NAC282 Program Mode

Does anyone know if its possible to access Program Mode on a 282 without the remote that i appear to have lost? Mine is configured to ignore RCA outputs and I’m trying to isolate a problem which appears to be either my NDX2 or 282 (dropped RH channel).

No I shouldn’t think so. Sorry!

Time to start searching behind cushions in the sofas?

If there is a way, @NeilS will know it…



I’m fairly certain that you need a Narcom remote control to get into Program mode.

Have you tried powering down the NDX2 and power back up it could be a stuck relay fault had it with my ND555 ?.

Also do you have a lead to connect the NDX2 to the 282 via its RCA out to a Din on the 282. (Need to switch the NDX2 output to suit via the app) this will help determine whether the fault is with the NDX2 or 282.

Good luck in finding the cause of the problem.

Hi andybob,

There is no way (that I know of) to enter program mode without the remote.

For testing purposes however, if you are running latest software you can use a production test shortcut:
Switch off power amp(s), or unplug speakers.
Switch on 282 with source mon on front panel held.
This will enable both RCA inputs & unity gain on the AV input.

To return to default, repeat above but with source mute held at switch on.



Thanks to everyone for their replies. Between the dealer (Hi-Fi Lounge) and me we reckon the fault probably lies with the NDX2 which currently resides in Salisbury. It’s been gone four days and I find myself looking at my hi-fi rack pining for its safe return. It is a brilliant piece of kit.

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