Nac282 « reboot » and light on ...mostly everyday now!

Dear all

Experimenting strange things on my Nac282 (8 years old) since a big month now.

Mostly once a day my Nac shows light one (turn off usually as per Forum recommandation)

When it happen during my listening session music stops few sec, then Music back with Nac282 lights turn on !

Is Napsc faulty or…

Thx for your advice


Is some one watching TV close by our LG remote sometimes mutes my 282?

Nothing close to my system. Was thinking about signal in the power line (light, fridge.,) but…
What is surprising is that all component are still on…or the power cut should be very very fast

You have checked all the connections to make sure they are clean and seated?

Yep all cable checked…end to end .

How are you powering the NAC282?

Hi Richard

With a Hicap/PL (non DR)

Check the Powerline connection. It may not be all the way in, it could be arcing. You need to push beyond the first resistance. The jaws are very tight and so you need to push hard (only gripping the body of the PL) to get them to properly open onto the pins.

Thx will check and circle back with feedback

Hi Richard

Same « down » happen this morning (last 2 days were without it,…so i was hopping having it solved :frowning: )

So what’s next steps ?
Could cable (like hiline becoming faulty/broken due to heavy weight) cause this ?


Did you re-connect the Powerline? Making sure it was pushed in all the way?

Yep, made the same with all cable in/out attached to the NAC282

Made this today so will see in the coming day what will happen now

Hi Richard

Few days without reboot, but happen last night again :tired_face:.

Much better than before and still a bit confuse about the potential cause


Sorry to hear that Philippe. It sounds like it’s time for your Naim dealer to investigate further.

Morning Richard,

After a second try (all cable unplugged / replugged) no more shutdown since a week, sounds very good I guess :grin:

It’s amazing how Naim component are sensitive to very small things (never heard the same about other brand) At least at this extend.

Thx again Richard for sharing your very deep knowledge that helps saving my money :wink:


Hi Philippe, that’s good to hear. Only time I’d heard if it before was down to a Powerline not plugged in all the way.

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