NAC32.5 Boards

Can anyone advise what the purpose of NA328/1 boards is in the phono stage?
Regards Bob

See the FAQ here:

NA328 boards are pretty much obsolete these days as CD replay has improved markedly since they were available. Naim recommend they are replaced by NA326 link boards.

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As mentioned these were naims good idea in the early cd days. If you are using the input for cd or another line level either replace with 326 boards ( near impossible to find,) or link out/ replace the original link. Or, you can add 322 or 323 boards for an extra phono input.

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The 328 boards were also know as ‘V’ boards - for variable. My 1st 72 had 2 sets of BNC inputs - one had Phono boards (323 K, I think), the other had 328 V CD boards. Adjusting the pots on the V boards gave a near match in level between CD & LP.

328 V’s are probably quite a rare board now. Do not throw away…!!

I think the 326 Link boards are the only variant of the 3xx series that I have not owned - ever…!

Not owned naim 326 either. Although i do have a pair of err, third party versions. A bit pointless really. Darran makes up short removal links now ( if asked) when 32s and 72s go for service.
My older 72 ( in service with a HC and 250) has these removable links. My son’s 72 has the wire links refitted and my daughter’s p72 has a 323e fitted to handle her Rega P6 and DV10x5. Forgotten id bought 3 72s.

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Bought and had serviced!

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Thanks all for replies but not sure why " don’t throw away " ?

I guess because these days anything Naim that’s getting on for vintage is deemed “collectible” by many.

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@BOB59 - Or - might be useful to others… That’s what I meant.

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