NAC32.5 Hicap

Hi. I am currently running a 32.5 hicap with CB 135s and a ND5 xs2. I found a NAC 272 with XPS dr for a good price and was wondering if you all think this is a good decision or more of a lateral move regarding sound quality? I was looking for a 52/sc but failed in my search. Would I be better off waiting to find the 52/sc or move on the 272/xps. Thank you for all input.


My answer is in the shape of a couple of questions;

What do you really really want?

If it’s the 52/sc then will the alternative scratch that itch?

Over the last 12 months I have looked at umpteen TT’s but kept coming back to Linn’s LP12, other decks were good, some were very very good but every time I saw a LP12………

If you bought a 272/XPS and then saw the advert for the 52/sc how would you feel?

If you want the 52 then be patient, one will come along in due course.

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The 272 is a generation behind the ND5XS2’s streaming board.

I’d hang on for the 52 and then look to the source, perhaps adding a pre loved Naim DAC and using the ND5XS2 as the digital source.

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Thank you for the reply’s. Part of my issue is I have no frame of reference and without hearing them for myself I’m going by what I’ve read. I am thinking there a very few 52/sc around because people hold onto them and that they are really good. I am leaning towards being patient and holding out for the 52/sc. I think this set up with the streamer will deliver zero complaints.

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If you don’t need the streaming feature from N272, I’d not expect it to better a fresh serviced 32.5, it will be different indeed.
Then there’s the display issue with 272 to consider.
If you want a 52/SC then wait, its very very good and comes up now and then.

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Sticking with the current set-up and waiting for a 52/SC would be my advice.

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Thanks to all. I’m on the hunt :slight_smile:

They do come up, but try to make sure it has been serviced and if possible upgraded to the POTS8 version.

A good 52 is a very goid thing, and has a style and character that the newer kit do not have. It will surely suit your existing stuff better.


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