NAC32 with NAP250 and SNAPS , all CB

What do you guys think about this combo compared to NAC62/72 and NAP140 ?

Other than the fact that it will be considerably better?

It was once the best system that Naim made.

The fact that Naim has produced even better components since then doesn’t detract from the virtues of this lovely old equipment.

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A classic old Naim system. Obviously a service within the last 10 years is important here - especially for the NAP250, where servicing every 8-10 years is critical.


As @Richard.Dane says, a service may well be needed, for all items, but especially the 250.

Assuming that the pre is a 32 and not a 32.5, it cannot make use of a HiCap - while to 62 or 72 can.

A 72/140 would be no slouch here. IMO… YMMV, etc… :crazy_face:

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