NAC332/NDX2 issue

I would appreciate your thoughts please. I recently changed from 250/282 to NAC 332 and a pair of Nap 350’s. I have an NDX2 powered by a 555 and use ROON/Qobuz. My dealer recommended using the NAIM app instead of Roon so I gave it a go. If I now play a track via the Naim app, pause it and switch to Room the 332 switches the source from Streamer to Tuner (nothing connected to Tuner). No output and I have to manually switch the source back to Streamer either on the remote or on the front panel. The 332 and the NDX2 are connected so I can control the volumes from the iPad in Roon or Naim app. I’m baffled.
Thanks for any help solving this one.

How about asking the Naim dealer who sold you the 332/350’s…?

Its their job… :astonished:

Sounds like misconfigured automatic source switching. You may need to check configuration in the app and (probably) on the preamp.

It sounds like a system automation issue. In the app, make sure you’ve chosen the input that the NDX2 is connected to.

Thanks for your advice