NAC52 in to Ultima 5 connection advice

Hi all, in the coming weeks I have an opportunity to trial a Chord Ultima 5 power amp. Currently I have a NAC52/SC running into a pair of 135’s, can I use the same XLR in the Ultima as the 135’s?
Many thanks

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You won’t be able to use the same DIN to XLR cables with the Ultima. Different wiring and the XLR inputs are balanced (unlike the 135 single ended inputs using XLR sockets).

Get yourself a DIN4 to 2xRCA cable and use the RCA inputs on the Ultima. Take it from socket 5 on the Supercap.

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Hi Phil,
I went from Naim 52/SC/135 to Chord Ultima 2 Pre and Ultima 5 power amp.

Based on our experience, there’s quite a difference in drive, grip, speed and depth of bass when going from the 135s to the Ultima 5.

Enjoy the demo!

Best regards, BF

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I’m intrigued that you’re considering changing your NAP 135s. Are you unhappy with them in any way, or do you just fancy a change?

( I have NAP 135s, and will never change them.)

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Thank you James, much appreciated.

I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to listen to the Ultima, the recent purchase of a DAVE has me interested in what other power amps sound like. I do love the 135’s but I haven’t heard anything else for a long time.

Hi Graham, I really enjoy my 135’s. I also haven’t listened to anything else for a long time. This trial may well prove that the 135’s are the ones for me, but I don’t want to turn down an opportunity in case I am missing out.

In that case, I should (grudgingly) wish you good luck in your listening tests!

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Thank you Graham :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m curious about the chord power amps


Don’t be too curious. I heard one and had to buy it!

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Traitor! Oops, me too.


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