NAC52 Input Labels

I had, many years ago now, a sheet with different labels for the input selector buttons of the NAC52.

I can’t find it any more and I wonder if I would I be able to get hold of such a sheet of labels now, and - if so - where I could do so?

You could try your Naim dealer - they may have some stashed at the back of a drawer, otherwise keep your eyes peeled on the usual places like ebay etc… where they often appear.

Expect to pay around forty quid on eBay.

I am very careful and very sensitive with my naims, but have no problem when using CD for streamer and tuner for phono :slight_smile:


I’m not sure either. :thinking:

Exactly. So long as you remember which is which, you are fine.

I suppose this is an issue only for the wonderful Olives. Lesser preamps need not apply. :laughing: :laughing:


Why not use Phono for Phono and Aux for Streamer?

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Input 3 - Tuner is the best input option in regard to SQ. Read it several time and tested it :slight_smile:

You can put different labels on, assuming you have some of course.

Input 3 on mine is ‘CD’.

What is a good search term for it? “Naim labels” returns all sorts of recordings.

Search for Naim and order by lowest price first.:slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s sounds the best idea. Probably the only less costly part sporting a Naim logo is a CD puck!

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Have you actually tried that? You may be surprised by how many clone amplifier modules there are out there. :slight_smile:

Add a filter to do UK only. The fakes/clones get kicked off eventually. :slightly_smiling_face:

Luckily I have no need to search eBay :sweat_smile:


Pity they didn’t have the foresight to have a “Streamer” label I 1990 :blush:


Or even a label for “dac”. For my nDAC input, I use “dcc” - whatever that means………

Digital Compact Cassette. I may be wrong. :blush: