NAC52 Remote control problem

The remote for my 52 is giving up the ghost. Some of the buttons still operate; the balance controls are working, as is volume down (but not vol up)…Naim do not service/replace them. Any suggestions for a replacement welcome…something that can just control vol up and down would be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine is also no more in good shape…
Now i use a Naim flash Remote, works perfectly.
My V1 remote works, and Narcom from my 202 also.
So finding a new one won’t be a problem, execpt that you loose the original design…

Do Class A or Witch Hat et al repair the metal Nac-52 remotes?

Probably best to ask them directly.

I guess yours is a later RC5 one then.

Mine is that model (the two column remote)

Sadly it’s stopped working but I don’t know if it’s the remote or the NAC52.

Is the protocol completely proprietary or is there a way to check which part might be broken?

When I had my early NAC 52 brought up to the latest mod state in 1999, one of the modifications was to make it RC5-compatible so I could replace my broken two-column remote with an RC5 remote control (the original NARCOM, IIRC).

I am not sure if Naim Audio or any of its authorized service agents can still do this modification.

Hi Adam and all

Mine is the remote in your photo. I will ask witch hat if they can have a go at a repair and post about the response.

I think that everything inside the 52 is working ok…it must be the contacts in the remote which have worn out😕

Would be worth checking with Naim as they were offering the upgrade as a service option for many years. However, it was a lot of work and meant a whole new display/logic board and was expensive, so perhaps not economically viable these days unless as part of a total service and upgrade.

Here’s my remote condom😃 for my 52.
Brought it in Japan last year, a wee bit big ( how ironic is that when it’s from Japan😙) but does the job of protecting it from over enthusiastic audience participation while indulging in the ancient art form of drinking ale.

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Good news, I found someone who runs a hifi electronics/cable business who was able to repair the remote…it’s working perfectly (apart from one of the “mono” buttons which was sacrificed to restore the vol-up function). I would like to post the details of this excellent guy if permitted. If not you can contact via dm.

You can post the name of the person or company here, but please no links or contact other details, thanks.

Thanks Richard
The company is Custom Hifi Cables Ltd. Contact Sean Jacobs. Sean has helped me with a couple of hifi issues and has provided a superb service. I’ve checked with him and he is happy to receive enquires.

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