NAC552 in my system

I’ve just added a preloved (2021) 552 into my system today. It’s still warming up but wow, what an amazing piece of kit.
I think this is going to be a keeper. :star_struck:


Yes, adding this one is amazing in just about every respect. Not incremental on the NAC 252.


282 to 552?

Certainly not incremental. :grinning:



Yes 282 to 552.


Prepare to replay your entire CD and LP collection !


Prepare for a lack of sleep!

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Two months in with ours. Still astonishes me.



ND5XS2/Ndac/555PSDR → good source! but can be improved.

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The 552 is a fantastic piece of kit. I went from 282 to 552 - huge jump in sound quality. To really sing the 552/300dr combo need some serious speakers. My 805d3s good as they were didnt quite do the job.


I’m going to have to stay where I am now for a bit. I only have a smallish room so my Heritage Specials are pretty good in the space I have. Truly amazing sound for a small speaker.

An ND555 may be next year. :rofl:


Made the same move a good while ago. From 282 to 552. Best of my all moves… 552 is the ultimate destination. Its insight into music is truly breath-taking. After many months, I am still delighted. Keep rediscovering old good records, I thought I had behind me. Should have made this long time ago. When my ears were better. :slight_smile:


It sounds as though there is an interesting road ahead… which I’m looking forward to travelling……

Thanks for all the positive comments!


I compared the 282 to 552 side by side

Source chord Dave
Power amp 500 dr

The 552 was really in another league and the music had a vibrancy and life that seemed and made the same music from the 282 seem boring

Good that audio memory is short

Still though I haven’t gotten around to buying a NAC 552 and still enjoying music with my 282

Reason being money…… and a chord Mscaler that does almost the same effect of adding life and vibrancy to the excellent chord Dave


Congratulations, it is really something very special. I grabbed a 3-year old one last Christmas and haven’t looked back. Just added a ND555 - gosh :flushed:


I think the ND555 is where I’ll be heading at some point… but there are other non audio related toys on the horizon… :rofl:


Had my ex demo 552 for couple of years still puts a smile on my face whenever I play the system which is every day just superb.

Had the ND555 some time before he 552 the two together are acerb combination.

Enjoy your 552 it is like listening to your music collection all over again.

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It certainly is, sitting here with a big grin😬

@Inmynaim noticed you run similar speakers as I do. I think the 552 is just an incredible amplifier that - once set up carefully - allows for year and years enjoyment


I agree, even with an NDX2/XPSDR the detail and soundstage is fantastic. Doubt if I will go for an ND555 despite all the rave reviews. I’m very happy with my system which most can only dream of having!


Yes the improvements from here on will be small and expensive I think… like you I’m really pleased with my sound.
I’ve started to read up on room treatments, I’ve made a few tweaks and I think they may be on to something. :rofl:
I’m a typical single bloke and have very clutter free environment. But my dealer was round the other day and he too said ‘you need a a few pot plants and a rug in this room’.

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