NAC552 in my system

I’ve had mine for over 20 years and it still captivates me for several hours a night. A true treasure….

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my current setup with 2 Fraim is :

Left Fraim:
552 head
300 Head

Right Fraim:
1st 555Dr
2nd 555Dr
Linear PS for switch/NAS

This way, amp and power supply are as far as possible from sources and pré

A suggestion: Try with the NAC552 head unit on top the left Fraim. In my experience the head unit doesn’t like anything Digital too close right above it. It’s most apparent with CD players, but also with other digital kit too such as a streamer.


How about digital like NDS beneath 552?

i’ll try…next time i’ll get the courage to move the Fraim’s for a cleaning sessions :smile:

Having the digital player above always seems to be worse, I have found.


I moved my stacks around this morning and I’m happy with result.
The config is (top to bottom / standard shelving)
Left side
552 PSU
300 head unit

Right side
552 head unit

As @Darkebear said it seems to have opened things up more. While I was happy with the improvements the 552 brings over the 282 I did feel as though the sound stage was slightly limited. Not by much, but there was a difference. Moving the 300PSU away from the head unit seems to have rectified that… happy days.

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Have you dressed the Snaic close to the 552 Burndy ?

they’re as far apart as the connections allow…

Hello, Maybe move nDAC down one and 300 head under 552, with a space between NDAC and ND5XS.

They should be as close together as possible without touching.


Makes a very big difference in sound.

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I always want to ask what’s the technical reason behind this.

Probably includes the term ‘dielectric’… :thinking:

I’ve heard it’s about earthing. Applies to Nac 52 and 252 also.

Isn’t it to do with minimising common mode interference from external fields? By running both cables as close together as possible, any differential between them is minimised.

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I never spotted that before… and I always thought the rule of thumb was to keep cables away from one another… but I will give it a go and report back…

Thank you!!

Yes,try it, made bigger difference in my system than moving the boxes around in the Fraim. :+1:

As close as possible to the burndy without touching it ?

Sorry, not really on this one here. If this would have been soooo inportant, Naim should have mentioned it in the manuals maybe?

The snaic is bit longer and much smoother then the burndy, so how shell this be possible?

If you look couple of posts above it is right there in the manual. Problem is, no one read manuals :wink: