NAC62 with NAP135

Let me start by apologising if I did place this enquiry at the right forum. I’m a newbie here.

I have over the time acquired a NAC62 but have never used it. Now I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of NAP135.

My question is, can I plug the NAC62 straight into a pair of NAP135? Or is it necessary for me to use a HiCap or SuperCap between the NAC62 and the pair of NAP135?

Thanking you all for your assistance and advise on the above.


Welcome Modena. You will need a HICAP for your NAC62. Make sure it has been serviced within the last 8-10 years.

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Would it work if I get a SuperCap instead? Or only a HiCap would work?

Yup, a Supercap can be used too and would then get you half way to a NAC52 or NAC252 in future, as both these pre-amps require the Supercap to power them.

As Richard says, yes. Probably worth thinking about where you ultimately want to end up. A 52/Supercap/135 would be a great end point

I used a 42.5 with sundry poweramps…
with a 140, no power supply
with a 140/Snaps
with 140/Hicap
with a 140/Supercap
With 135/Hicap
With 135/Supercap

The two biggest bang for the bucks surprising lie on either extreme.
The 42.5/140 without any external PS was suprisingly punchy and fun to listen to, although it was uncouth and rolled off at both ends.
The 42.5/Supercap transformed the 42.5 into a preamp that had most of the extension returned, along with a goodly amount of clarity, snap and greatly improved definition.
The Snaps/HIcap were close in performance to the uncapped preamp as the chasm that the Supercap carves out is not even closely approached by the Hicap.

However replacing the 42.5/Supercap with a 52 shows how much it is not bringing to the table.


Oh wow! Thank you all for your advice. Appreciate it very much!

PS…there was one other combination I tried that I did not tell you about…I also compared the 52/140 vs the 42.5/supercap/135 using the same source and speakers. The 52 into the much lesser power amp trounced the 42.5/Supercap into the 135s.

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If you can’t stretch to a 52, an 82 with a Supercap is also very nice.

If you just need to get playing with a Nac 62, anything from Nap 200 and below will work with internal psu in power amp. (apart from Nap 100) ie you can wait with getting a separate PSU, HC/SC.

I ran my 135’s with 72/HC and this was a splendid combination, although a 62/140, 62/180 or 62/110 in medium to smaller room with not difficult speakers.

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