Nac72/Nap140 or SX2

I’m selling my Uniti Mk1 as I don’t need the CD or streaming service. So I’m thinking of a NAC72/NAP140 como (love the looks) or a SX2 to use with my dec and new streamer.

I guess the newer SX2 would sound better but would it be that much over the more esthetically pleasing como?

I wouldn’t bet on the Nait sounding better than a 72/140! Just remember that the sound quality of these vintage amps will vary from one unit to the next due to their age. You can partially (but not entirely) mitigate this by having them serviced if required.

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Another vote here for the 72/140 being better (to my ear) than anything short of a Supernait, as long as they have been serviced in the last decade or so. If not, note that servicing makes them good as new, but is not that cheap, so factor the cost into your thinking.

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Many thanks, I’ll enquire about the service cost as second-hand units are between £400-500 so with servicing it could make it quite expensive. Guess that’s the risk you take.

If you’re in the UK try Class A servicing in Sheffield. They are generally cheaper and quicker that Naim’s in house service dept, but either will do an excellent job.

Buy the the 72/140, serviced, or allow for a service…

I have the NAC 62, NAP 140 and a HICAP, all being serviced, and not sure that it is worth changing. And they are the better looking range.

They are not installed like this, but in a wall rack, but they look good in a stack.

Proper green and red leds by the way…


I have the Hicap/62/140 and an earlier xs-2. I think the xs-2 is the better one. If I connect an Olive 82 instead of the 62 the combination just soars. Where the 72 sits between the 62 and the 82 I couldn’t say but I expect the 72 to be somewhat better sq than the 62.

Very nice. Reminds me of when I first started with Naim way back.

Class A are closed at the moment due to ill health so have you heard of Witch Hat Audio?


This is where I started, and where I have stayed, for the last 35 years.

Serviced 5 years ago (for the first time).

Witch Hat are great, but it is a small business and I’d encourage you to pin down how long things will take. Also Class A is authorised by Naim to do repairs, but many are not. That may well not put you off, but is worth bearing in mind.

More important, a 72 looks like a 62, while an 82 is full width and looks like a 52. Nevertheless, imho the 72 is a lot closer to an 82 than to a 62 in sound quality. A 72/ 140 does not need a Hicap to work, but it sounds much better with one. I would not recommend a 62/ 140 or 62/90 over a decent Nait.


Class A are the only Naim authorised service centre in the UK other than Naim themselves, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. ‘They’ are essentially a one man operation though, and we can only guess at how long Darran will continue before he decides to retire.

Witch Hat are not Naim authorised, so we can’t discuss their services here under forum rules.


Or what about a Nait 2 compared to the 72/140?

If a 72/140 beats a Supernait, it would be surprising if it did not beat a Nait 2. YMMV of course.

And the point about topics we cannot discus without moving to different websites is well made - the rules (when I remember to look) are pretty clear.

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I have been conducting listening tests this week with various combinations of Nait2, hicap/62/140/, hicap/62/cb250, hicap/82/140, hicap/82/cb250 and finally hicapDR/82/250DR. I tested on my most difficult to handle speakers, my Kans which are otherwise suited for this room (3mx3mx2.6m high)

The Nait2 is the poorest performer by a long way. The 62/140 marginally better, but the Kans only start to come alive when the hicap is added. After that, the hicap/62/250 shows surprisingly small gains. The largest gain is then putting the 82 in the system. Price per SQ the hicap/82/140 is the best value. The next big step and would be worth paying for is the HicapDR/82/250DR, perhaps as you might expect. I really wouldn’t bother with anything in between the cb hicap/82/140 and the hicapDR/82/250DR. the gains in this room are marginal.
Of course different speakers could show differently but I did compare with a set of much easier to drive speakers, the Dali Oberon 5’s.
Test music was varied but I finally used J S Ondara (Lebanon) and S and G ( The Boxer particularly) for my final conclusions.
PS. I just wish I still had a 32.5 or 72 to compare against the 82, but sadly I have let them go a while ago.


It is perhaps best to evaluate amplification in a complete system context i.e. with the speakers of choice. With the right speakers the different ‘musical’ strengths from that combination may be preffered. Plus live with that ‘preffered’ combination for a while to fully assess if you really enjoy music through it. IMO ‘listening to a system’ (short term) can be quite different from listening and enjoying music over time!

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Wow, that’s really helpful. I pretty much decided on the 72/140 como for now and maybe add a hicap later. My speakers are Spendor 35/s so assume they will be suitable and I’m using all this in my smallish study.

I don’t know the 3/5 but I have A5’s and D9.2’s here. I find Spendors need a bit of driving despite their published figures ( a bit like the Kans). The Nait 2 would struggle in the mid range in my opinion.

The hicap would be something to aim for as soon as you can.

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That’s a magnificent review, as well as being one that supports my existing prejudices - thanks.

Mind you, last time I heard Red on Kans with 62/ HC/ 140 was about 1990. I remember that it made me get a Hicap - but of course my ears were rather better then.


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