Nac82 Remote control

I have both a NARCOM 3 (from my 82) and a NARCOM 4 (from my CDX2)

Stealth… lols.

I have a modest collection:

Note the subtle difference between the two in the middle.

I feel a new thread coming on, “Show us yer vintage remotes” :laughing:


Oooh… yes, two early variants of the Narcom 2 (earliest on the left), and a CD3 remote. Re. the latter I remember some time back in the noughties, when the factory was being re-organised, some sealed boxes were uncovered in stores, and one of them was full of new CD3 remote handsets!


The CD3 remote was really good and reliable, far better than the iCom that came with the later 5i player.

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Yes, a good little remote that also works very nicely with other Naim CD players.

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Of course there’s also this one. Never got to try it. My second-hand CDS2 unfortunately didn’t come with one.

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I managed to open my NAC-82 remote using a car trim-removal tool, only to find that there are securing slots and the back can simply be released by sliding towards the top. I cleaned the button contact mat with iso-propyl alcohol but I think the biggest fix may have been bending the battery terminals out to tighten the connections. It is working perfectly now!
My remote was becoming intermittent and I could sometimes get it to work by shaking it or slapping it. I had already cleaned the battery terminals with contact cleaner but that made no difference.
Attached are a few pictures that may help.


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