NAC82 & Supercap ... but no cables etc

I’ve seen a NAC82 and olive Supercap for sale, both serviced/POTS 8, then unused for a long time. They look relatively good value, but apart from NSPCC there are no sundries (power cables, SNAICs, Burndy, blanking plates, remote etc). Plus one is in a Linn box! By my estimation you’d need to spend £750 plus just to fill in the gaps … not such a bargain!

All you need is two Snaics, a power cable and blanking plugs to get you going and then of course a remote. I’d look on eBay, I’d be very surprised if it would cost you more than £200 to buy what you need.

The Supercap only comes with a mains lead. The 82 comes with a Napsc, which has a captive mains lead, a remote and the various blanking plugs. No interconnects. No snaics. No burndies. So not so bad.

Ooh not so bad ! Excuse my ignorance… What do I need to connect the supercap to the 82? Thanks.

A pair of 5 pin 240° din leads, and all blanking plugs removed so not needed anyway.

To be absolutely clear - two Snaic5 cables.

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If they haven’t been used in a long time, it’s reasonable to ask the seller to plug them in and look for green lights. :face_with_monocle:

Thankyou. From a hifi shop in well known auction site. I didn’t win them!

A loud but vocal minority here might disagree, but I think they will sound better than an 82 with two HiCaps and no cables. :upside_down_face:

They’ll sound exactly the same - silence in both cases - unless cables are involved… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe my humor wasn’t obviously humorous.

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