NAC82 with a MM Stageline?


Need some help here. I have been using a NAC 82 (x 2 hiCap supply) with a DAC input. It’s lovely. Recently went back to Vinyl (MM) and laid my hands on a Stageline N but a bit miffed on connections. Should I have gone for an internal MM board on the 82?



Without knowing what other inputs you are using…it is difficult to comment?

What inputs have you left unused

That would be my suggestion, yes. Largely the same circuit, fewer cables, and lower cost. It’s just a more elegant solution.

Otherwise you’d have to dedicate one of the Hicaps to power the Stageline (IIRC, the 82 doesn’t have a powered input).

Thanks for the response. I have three HiCaps on the system (x2 for the NAC 82 and x1 for the SNAXO) which supply port can I use to power the Stageline. (Looking at the back of the hicap and counting from its right inputs 4,3,2,1 (I being nearer the centre)


Yeah go with the boards. They sound good and will have the added benefit of giving your system a cleaner look. Two hicaps plus a napsc is already a lot of boxes and wires. A Stageline and another power supply in the mix is a mess!

And don’t forget the Stageline will require another power supply too, unless you took one off the NAC82 and put it on the Stageline. I would go for NA522 N boards instead…

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